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So this is the magazine where you as artist or producer will be noticed. Send in your release as (independent) artists or record company. You will get a review and if possible, when you're in the neighborhood or when you have access to internet, an interview. So take your release, biography and photo's, put the right amount of stamps on it and post it! Don't forget a bio and a photo!

If you want to write your self or tell the world about your street as an independent reporter: speak your mind, write it down and sent it all with some photo's and we will publish it on ART12. All credits to you who wrote it. So get up and tell the world what you hear and see on your streets.


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Advertising on ART12 HipHop-News from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ART12 is that crazy independent uncensored HipHop magazine from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Made by people who can’t live from HipHop but are still living it. Many hate the magazine, many love the magazine but all read it and will absorb any messages on it. They will absorb your message if you place your ad on ART12.

ART12 has two ad spaces for hire. You can buy the space separately or together for one month or three months, all have to be paid in advance. And all under Dutch laws.

Advertising on ART12
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3 months
Front page ad: EURO 454,- EURO 908,-
Top page banner ad: EURO 454,- EURO 908,-
Together: EURO 908,- EURO 1816,-

Advertising on ART12
1 month
3 months
Front page ad: ƒ 1000,- ƒ 2000,-
Top page banner ad: ƒ 1000,- ƒ 2000,-
Together: ƒ 2000,- ƒ 4000,-
All prices are exclusive 17.5% BTW/VAT.

The ad on the front page is the biggest and offers you the space to display your message extra large. The ad on the front page is linked to the ART12 News index page. As it is the front page of ART12, it can’t be linked to any other site.

Front page ad actual size:
wide: 18.00 cm
hight: 16.50 cm
kb: 700

The banner ad is the ad you see on every page of the ART12 site, on top. While readers are checking for information or are reading articles the ad is always on their screen. Your ad is always active in the process of getting your message across. The ad can be linked to any other site as wished. The ad has to be a static, non moving, advertisement or a slow dynamic ad. As it is proven that moving images disturbs the information process between the rearder and the site. And your message will be the most successful when it’s a static image.


Top page banner ad actual size:
wide: 15.00 cm
hight: 2,75 cm
kb: 98

ART12 is made by:
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