…Stupid Mutherfuckers, Brooklyn Zone. And a song with the hook 'White people don't love us 'cause we live in the ghetto'. I had the feeling nobody in the crowd digged that song.

ART12’s Loot and Mathis found a method to get their loot. As their loot is not getting them money to pay any serious bills, their work does good. It’s not to be calculated in numbers but interped on having the spirit to put soul in their culture.

Shockwave is in the picture and success in getting it done is very simple: doing it. “I stay focused. You figured something out and than you just start doing it. It is a lot of hardwork. It’s was a big and still is a big struggle. But you have to do it.”

Imadodattaz: "The A.Z. is E.R.."

Soon they will be kicked out to make room for developers who will transform the old into new for new purposes. Eindhoven is not afraid to renew itself… …guilty for being an Imadodattaz.

7th Foul Nation

The 101 Foul Nations have representatives all over the world, Rick D being an US representative who moved to Amsterdam after visiting the city when he was here too look for a relative, but it all started in Brooklyn back in 1988.

Ghandi - Stickz and Stonedz

Ghandi: "Don't interpret it as I'm saying my own release is wack. You really have to listen to it. The record is a statement, stating this: releasing something independently is not a condition that it's super phat. The statement is also about…"

Moris - 'Where to?' is always a question

Ketama: "Yes, it was kinda difficult. The ui from Duivendrecht and the ij from Sloterdijk do sound so alike." Moris succeeds in getting your thoughts on the move. 'Where to?' is always a question, on which the answer is less important than the journey itself.

Preach - 7 Moonz

Preach: "I think it'll be something for the people that they wouldn't expect from ya typical HipHop album, that's why I didn't listen to many rappers because I feel some aspects of HipHop are losing it's creativity."


Rockid: "What I often hear is that I have that comfort in me: "Are you not nervous?" And when it goes wrong, so now and then. A needle skipping…. I don't panic. I improvise, under pressure, the best."


Try to fight the Brainpower on stage and you will have a hard time for sure. And you will be a champ already when you maintain standing. In the last interview with ART12 this master freestyler said he wanted to focus more on making songs and recording. Not to give you the idea that he will drop freestyling but just to widen his horizon. We hooked up.

CMC/Soul Relation stops with HipHop?!

Once more it’s time to jump in the ART12-Off-The-Road-Wagon with a baseball bat, a truck full of thousands of customers and a lot of questions to hit the road. To stump into their office, pull Brian and René out of the jacuzzi, say high to all the girlies and hit them up to get some answers.

Tri Ad, a ticket to…

Four youngsters from Southeast about ART: "Because it's something very old you also have to treasure it as something very worthfully. You need to respect it."


"Wait till time is ready. God will take care of me, that I'll get to the right place. I work very hard there is nothing more I can do. If the right people hear it, the right people that can do something with it then I shall grow. That's my faith." (Rotterdam, 12-02-2000)

Murth The Man-O-Script
"Next to being Murth The Man-O-Script I'm Murth Mossel. Host and stand up comedian. A human like it says in my passport. The dog often only knows one trick. I know more."

Ramp Records
Robin (Seda) Arthur (King) Marco (IJsblok) Pascal (Def P). Mission: "Release dope music and try to make a living out of it."

L-West Productions
We own open tickets to wherever we’re heading for.
At a conversation up at the editorial office, L-West came on the table. A: "Yes, Sneek keeps on rocking. They were never close to Amsterdam or something." B: "Kinda isolated in the Netherlands". C: "But fanatic and they receive more support from their own city than some national big stars receive from the whole country."

Some find it spooky to travel beyond what they know. "We did not want to get too personal, because the people will always compare your new album with the last one. I find it important to stay interesting for the people, also for your self." (sept.25.1999)

I have more time for my music and I don't have to worry about the rent or my food at the end of the month. I really can do what I want."

Disorda The Original U.K. Hustler
"That people are calling me for an interview because they want to know what is up with the U.K. scene. That is what I only wanted to do. To promote it because nobody really has done that in this country, in a way I have done."

Travis Blaque
Travis' girl friend: "My personal view of U.K. rap, got to say, it would be Travis Blaque. The flavor comes from the West Indian background, which comes from the early days of DJ. If you learn to drive a car, you must learn the roads. If you learn to rap, you must DJ. You have to ride rhythm itself. And that is How Travis handles and manipulates his music.

E-Life: "Right now the problem with black executives is that they lack experience and clash with the white business culture. But all this will change." E-Life is on a mission that is similar to ours. Mel doing his first job as ART12 syndicate reporter: interviewing the dope Grand Old E (aug.26.1999)

Juanita at the crossroads
"It got a certain emotion in it, that it makes me almost cry. If a song can do that, there is something magic in it. And I want to be where the magic is!"
It's a place were different worlds come together but often do not meet. A meeting at the crossroads. (aug.13.1999)

Chuck D: "Heaven and hell are not things when you are dead. It is now, what you make out of it. People who don’t think for them selves, have no own opinion, are given hell. And are kept away from heaven."
(july.27.1999) (interview: spring 1998)

Big Daddy Kane: "Black like a motherfucker so don’t take me lightly" (july.22.1999)
The ancient ruins,
The former wasted,
They shall rise up and restore
The ruined cities.
Desolate now for generations.

1994: Thought you knew/I thought you knew/I thought you knew about the Ghetto Child. 1999: Rowdy: global warning

Slum Village (may.24.1999)

Slum Village is a good alternative for A Tribe Called Quest, states Felicia A. Williams in The Source, May 1999. We have no material to review. Following Felicia's review the new album of Slum Village sounds promising, "Now Q-Tip seems to have found worthy heirs".

DJ Precise (may.23.1999)

The man reflects the romantic image of a DJ on the move. In full colour, headphone pumping, dreadz in the wind, mobile phone in the jacket and travelling through the city. Putting flyers down and posters up. For those parties he throws.

The Arsonist (may.14.1999)

The Arsonist already dropped three 12". On July 13th their debut album will see the daylight: 'As The World Burns'.

DJ TLM (apr.14.1999)

No, I will never get paid. But I love it. I can hear the music I love, all day long. I really do like HipHop music."