Number 7, 2000-04-08

Dead Prez Manager brutalized

After doing a jam with several other artists at the Bayfront Amphitheater and performing some songs from their debut album "Let's Get Free", like the song "Police State", their manager was told to leave the stage by police officers. When they thought he wasn't walking fast enough they took him to the backdoor of the backstage area and worked him against the ground. When witnesses began to protest, the police officers put him in a patrol car and would be taking him to the Dade County Jail. The rest of the group drove to the jail, but their manager wasn't there. After looking for him at another jail they received a call from their manager, telling them he was dropped off in front of the Amphitheater, only after signing a release stating he wouldn't press any charges against the Pigs, they let him go. The group is still discussing the possibilities of legal actions.Source:

Kool Keith ended his business relation ship with Sony/ Columbia Music after not agreeing on several subjects, like failing to give proper promotion for his last album "Black Elvis/ Lost In Space". For his next project, "Analog Brothers" with Ice-T, he is still thinking if he's going to release it on a major label or an independent. Source:

Busta Rhymes
just got back to work, recording tracks for his upcoming album called "Anarchy" scheduled for a June 20th release.

Zach De La Rocha, from Rage Against The Machine, is planning to release a solo album. El-P, of Company Flow 'fame', said Zach asked him to do production on four of the songs, and Zach had several artists he wanted to take part in the coming together of the album like Roni Size, DJ Premier and Mos Def.

Stg. GRAP is organizing some workshops that can be handy for you. The workshops will be held in their office: Beurs van Berlage, Oudebrugsteeg 11, Amsterdam. They all start on 20.00 hours and will end at 22.30 hours. It will cost you ƒ25,- per workshop, including a reader.

Thursday May 18th: Buma/Stemra, Sena, Norma
In this workshop you will get to know the organizations that say to be there for your interest. Check them out and see if you can come to the conclusion if they are really needed or just organizations that make you believe you need them.

Tuesday May 23th: Record label.
In this workshop you can find out more about what is involved with having your own record label. Flip van der Enden (Virgin) and Silveer van Deinsen (EMI Music Publishing) will take you through the in- and outside of the bizz.

Thursday May 25th: Touring abroad.
Touring abroad is totally different than touring in your own country. For example weed is illegal abroad. So are more things different. On this evening you will taught more wise lessons and tips from experienced peeps. And how you can get subsidized for your traveling by your own Queen Beatrix. Check it out.

More info at or e-mail: Or call: Stg. GRAP Mondays till Fridays between 12.00 and 17.00 hours at the number 020-4208160.

S.I.D feat. Hometeam and AMON worldwide.

Production company Two Independent made it public that the movie The Delivery is sold to 41 countries. The American distributor Tri-Mark made a new montage that is a little bit different than the Benelux version. With the sound track they were more drastic, all music was replaced by music from American artists. Sadly, work from artists as Anouk, Hans Dulfer, Fabienne and Postmen are no longer on the international version of the movie's sound-track. Only the song 'Get The Loot' of the Amsterdam HipHop crew S.I.D. featuring Amon and Hometeam remained on the international soundtrack. S.I.D. is a band formed by DJ Sid B. and production duo Cuban & Tha Dragon.
Source: Sidney, Shaft/CNTD music company. Fax: 020-6262062

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