Wassup, it’s been a long time since the last update, so there should be enough news for another edition of Get The Loot....

Altough he is lyricaly battle ready, Canibus got jumped by a couple of MC’s who were not so happy with his verses (this is not really news...), while attending his very own release party, he got attacked by, among others, Blinky Blink (Harlem World, rememeber Canibus’ line
"Wacker than Blinky Blink on the back of the wack-ass wagon babblin' about - nothing" and fellow-Harlemnite Cam’ron. The people at Universal records said Canibus wasn’t injured.

MC Hammer is back! He just released his new single called "Pop your Collar". I haven’t heard it as for yet but I heard it is another dance favorite. He will release the single trough internet, just like 15 other songs and a couple of video’s.

Checks,Thugs and Rock-N-Roll is the title of DMC’s (Run DMC!) upcoming solo-album. This won’t be your reglar type of Run DMC material, DMC said the music has envolved, just like his voice changed trough the years. It will be a Rock/Hiphop album.

Musicsite www.sonicnet.com reported that Rahzel will start working on his sophomore album this fall. Roots' drummer ?uestlove recently said you won’t see Rahzel and Malik B touring with the crew anymore, since they both have solo projects they have to pay full attantion to. But he stated that it’s all good, since they all are one big family.

The Gravediggaz will drop their third album this year, altough in a completely different line up, since Prince Paul and RZA left the group for what it was and now Shabazz has joined them

Casual’s second album will not be released on Loud’s ‘underground’ departement Stimulated Records. Instead it will drop on Hiero’s own label and it will be distributed by Red. For more Hieroglyphics news check www.hieroglyphics.com .

SuperNatural will drop an EP together with Freestyle Fellowship’s PEACE titled A SupaNatural Peace. Look for that one, because both are undoubtly skilled MC’s. PEACE will also drop a solo album and Aceyalone’s album Accepted Ecclectic is ready to drop.

Boston’s 7l & Esoteric will drop a full lenght album this fall, as will Jedi Mind Tricks.

Another EP to look forward to is The Definitive Radio EP by Philly group Name. Guests on the EP are Schoolly D, the Mountain Brothers and the Poor Righteous Teachers, but the group themselves are on the same level as these proven artists, so you know it’s dope stuff.

Another reason to check for that De La Soul album Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump, because the Chief Rocker himself, Busy Bee appears on a cut called Words from the Chief Rocker. Big up to the people at www.oldschoolhiphop.com for that news.

Chino XL fans will have to wait till November 7th for his new album titled I Told You So on Warner Brothers. The album will feature guests like Kool G Rap, Saafir, B-Real, Ras Kass and The Arsonists. Guess that will be a banger too.

Don’t expect to see Prodigy’s solo album coming out this year, since he has some major problems with his label, Loud records. For a statement Prodigy made check his very own site www.infamousstores.com , and believe me, it’s worth checking out what ‘The Head Nigga In Charge’, as he has titled his album, has to say.

There’s quite some rumours coming from the Gangstarr foundation camp, since Guru’s Jazzmatazz Volume 3 will not see it’s September release date. It will be worth the wait since it has ‘quality’ written all over it. With guests like Maxwell, Erykah Badu, Herbie Hancock, Isaac Hayes, D’Angelo and Macy Gray, among others and producers like DJ Scratch, Jay Dee, The Roots, The Neptunes, Dallas Austin and of course Premier and Guru, it’s sure to be banging. Another Gangstarr affiliate, Big Shug is busy recording his album too. Big up to the people at the Gangstarr HQ for the updates.

Hiphopsite has some nice news on Likwit producer MadLib from the Lootpack, since he’s currently busy producing remix album on which he does the beats for remixes of old Gost Face, Common, Slum Village and other dope tracks. It won’t drop on Peanut Butter Wolf’s label Stonesthrow, but it will be a white label.

Big DL at HipHopreviewz reported that Mase has his own Ministry in Atlanta, and goes around the country spreading the word of God in bad neighborhoods. He’s also planning to build a church. He really meant it when he said he was quitting the Hiphop biz and instead chose to dedicate his life to God...

He aslo reports that Buckshot went beserk and assualted NY police officiers at the Priorirty Headquarters over a fray about some missing studio-equipment. As if that’s not enough drama, one of Bootcamp’s original crews, The Cocoa Brovaz, formerly know as Smiff-n-Wessun, are not down with the Boot Camp anymore. Also Rock of Heltah Skeltah is rumoured to have left the crew. Props to Smoov from Beats, Rhymes and Life for the news.

This fall will see the release of Wu-Tang’s third album titled "The Worms Of The Big Apple", no word on the details yet, but since Dirty Dog is still in rehab, I don’t think we will hear very much of him on the album, but looking back on the last few cuts I heard him on, we won’t be sorry.

Supposedly Craig Mack started his own label, ‘Rich Kid’Entertinment, and has signed Lord Tariq and a new MC called No Money.

German label Groove Attack is making major moves! Recently they have released albums from artists like Del The Funky Homosapien, Cali Agents, J-88 (Slum Village), Bumpy Kknuckles (Freddie Foxxx), Quasimoto, Dilated Peoples, D.I.T.C. and loads of sinlges, but the best has yet to come; this year they are planning to release a couple of dope records:

Biz Markie- "Turn Tha Party Out" 12"
Pharcyde- "Plain Rap" 2LP
Mr. Complex- "Discography" 2LP which is basicly a greatest hits of Mr. Complex, since he released loads of indy records. The LP will also feature 5 new tracks.

J-Rawls- "The Essence" 2LP producer from the group The Lone Catalists drops his album with guest MC’s like All Natural, Apani B. Fly MC, Grap Luva, J-Live, J-Sands, Mass Influence, Mr. Complex and Rubix, among others.
Foreign Legion- "Kidnapper" 2LP
Declaime- "Soundscapes: Andsoitsaid" 2LP
Phife Dawg- "Ventilation" 2LP, if the title means something wew might get to hear some things the Phife Diggy has been on his hearth for way too long. Production will be handled by Pete Rock, JayDee, Hi-Tek and Dave West.
Souls Of Mischief- "Trilogy", their highly anticipated 3rd album, while I’m still waitning for more info about the supposed Souls/Pharcyde hook-up.
Various Artists- "Superrappin’ Vol.2" 2LP, if this is on the same level as the first one, it will be a dope records with loads of old and new artists.

All of this while Goodvibe Recordings are doin their thing States side with upcoming releases by Phil The Agony ("The Body Of Christ"), Big Dro ("1984") and Mirage ("Life Is A Rhythm"). I’ve heard tracks of all of them and a lot of other Goodvibe artists who have already dropped their material like Spontaneous, Bahamadia (go cop that "BB Queen" album, it’s dope), Slum Village and The Nuthouse, and I can tell you that this Indy company has got things on lock.

If you got news, a correction of whatever, hit me up with it, thanks.


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