Personal Revolutions

What is it?

This right here is a project which is a reaction to the shit that's going on in the music business. Currently the originality is at an all-time low, at least that's how it may seem to someone who doesn't look beyond the very superficial of the art form. All eyes on the major releases, but about the groups who haven't got a major label deal? What about the artists who chose to keep their business in their own hands? What about the artists who are simply overlooked by label-executives, or the artists labels don't even dare to take a chance with just because they are not doing what is selling like hot cakes at this very moment?

Of course, there are some labels out there which took a chance, who invested in talent, who gave artists a chance to unfold their crafts. Look at the other labels though, who all of a sudden showed interest in similar artists but still didn't see that there are just as much artists out there who deserve their chance to present their work to a bigger audience with their own style of work.

Look at the people who made it to the 'top'. All of a sudden they seem to have lost their ideals! They seem to have forgotten about the position they were once in. Of course some of them reached the top without the help of others, they invested time and money to get their work on the streets, and sometimes even the charts. And that's exactly what we are trying to do right here. With or without help from people who already made it, whoever that may be, since HipHop is still nothing compared to the level where it is at in countries like England, Germany, France, Sweden and of course the U.S., this shit right here is going to get exposed. This is a project done by rappers, DJ's, producers, reporters, aerosol artists…fuck it everybody who is down with HipHop should support this project! The charts of the countries I just mentioned are all dominated by HipHop artists, so why shouldn't it be the same here?

Of course it isn't all about sales, but it is about getting the right exposure, and I know the right exposure will result in sales. People who aren't coming to shows will be checking this out. And they will come too, people who have been to shows and liked what they saw will be checking for projects by the artists. And you'll see when the labels realize HipHop can make such a major impact, they will get interested. Let's see if they are really needed in this culture. This started out as something from the streets, so let's keep the essence of HipHop living right there.

This is just a little part of the story behind the project, as I've talked with almost every artist on this CD about the subject, and we all agreed on at least one fact: we have to show initiative to get where we wanna be and this is only one project where a couple of heads are combining their forces, so each one can get more exposure and it will help them, and at the shame time the whole HipHop culture, but I surely hope this will be another step into the direction of unification of our culture.

We will get exposure, there are some media outlets who will support good HipHop without being influenced by any aspect but the by quality of the work they get presented. We will get exposure with the help of real HipHop media outlets, we will get exposure with the help of several HipHop stores, but most of all we will get exposure by the artist's work, as long as it will be kept to a certain standard, so let's get unified and get this shit out there, aight!


The deadline is set for
Dec. 25th 2000. The release date will be announced at a later date, the aim is to get this on the streets in Jan. 2001. If you got any questions, call me! Several artists already have contributed their work. As soon as I have the confirmation of each artist I will send y'all the contacts of each other. The artists who already have contributed their work are: 7th Foul Nation, DJ Githyper, 7Moonz, The Group, Joe Smallz & Soeki, DJ EXTRAA and Chaotic Forces. There are still about 10 other artists who will contribute their work, so the CD will contain about 17 tracks. It will be released only on CD-format and will contain a full-color booklet providing contact-info on the artists and of course the credits. I will try to get a article up somewhere on the internet with the full story and some pics, as soon as the compilation is about to drop. Of course every artist will get a cope of 'Personal Revolutions' .

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