Most Wanted 2000

On Sunday June 18th the Final Showcase of the Wanted R&B and HipHop Talent Search will take place in the Paradiso Venue. During the Bassline party. It will start at midnight. The final competitors are Vigilante (R&B), The Group (HipHop), Donovon (R&B), Double Deuce (HipHop). One of the finalists will receive a spot in the West Region final of the Grote Prijs van Nederland (Big Award of The Netherlands). The finalist will all get dressed by Mecca USA and all competitors of the Wanted Talent search received Sway shoes from MAG.

Osdorp Posse takes a pose on the tele.

Word?! In their entire history (eleven years) the O.P. got boycotted by mainstream media. O.P. made it their trademark out of it and their cause to fight the establishment, they proved as best selling Dutch HipHop crew you really don't need that establishment. At the moment that same establishment is recognizing the O.P. as they just released their first own album on their new own Ramp Records label: Kernramp. To promote the album the Posse just dropped a new single: 'Orgineel Amsterdams', an Amsterdam version of Big-L's 'Ebonics'. The CD-single will be an enhanced CD including the video clip and some bonus tracks.

On Tuesday May 9th they will be performing together with Blind Justice (Metal) in the TV show Barend en Van Dorp on RTL 4. What's next, O.P. nominated for best HipHop act at the TMF Awards 2001? On you can check a movie called Een Klote Dag (A fucked Up Day). Search for Klote. You will find a short movie which features Def P on the intro and outro. All in Dutch with English subtitles.

Def P is already back in the studio for a new album with Beatbusters, a Ska band. On Sunday May 21st at 16.00 and 21.00 hours and on Monday May 22nd till and including 25th there will be a theater play featuring Def P at the Blauwe Zaal. The play is called: Menu, Toen En Later.
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Source: Osdorp News Letter by Kirsten.

Dr. Dre takes Napster to court.

"Napster can't say they weren't warned. After Metallica rushed to haul the music swapping software maker into court, Dre played it cool, offering the company a week to remove his songs from their directory. Napster failed to comply with Dre's April 21 deadline, and thus the rapper and his label, Aftermath Entertainment, filed a suit against the company on Tuesday in a U.S. Federal Court in Los Angeles for copyright infringement and unlawful use of a digital audio interface device."
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So much problems on their mind…

ART12 editorial office was out of bizz for two weeks.
Early in the morning of April the 15th editor in chief and publisher of ART12 HipHop-News, AQ (Answers Questioned) was taken to AMC Amsterdam hospital by ambulance. AQ became victim of domestic violence. With the help of friends and reporters he re-grouped the editorial office and staff. Together with DTF and the help of the ART12 reporters ready to continue to bring you ART12.

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