ART12 started five years ago as a pirate HipHop radio station in Deventer, The Netherlands. All about the edutaiment and giving the people what they want. Tired of big broadcast systems where computers took it over from the people. 'What's selling best? What is the most mainstream? What is clear and safe sound?' Check these stations, where artists keep on running the Underground Railroads, with dirty and unsafe sounds. Know a deep station in the concrete jungle? Mail it to

Bassline Sessions

Hosted by: AJ, Johnston, AG&AG and Annemarie
Radio Almelo Ether 106.FM Cable 87.5FM
Sent your promo's to:
Radio Almelo
Attn: Bassline Sessions
P/a Hofkampstraat 143
7607 NE Almelo, The Betherlands

Break North

Hosted by: Dr. Olovesen and DJ Low Profile
OOG Radio: 105.5 Cable and 106.6 FM ether
Wednesday from 20.00 hours till 22.00 hours
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OOG Radio postbus 1316
Break North
9701 BH Groningen.


Hosted by: LTH & DJ Sientific
Radio Enschede 105.1 FM/Cable 87.5
Fridays from 20.00 till 22.00
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Attn: LTH, Loyd Terborg
Hazendijk 104
7544 ZL, Enschede, The Netherlands

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