Pops shot the sheriff,
the deputy is on the barrel

Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of HipHop. "Wondering how I going to make it/well I won't". Although some say nothing changes, say it's strange to be a rapper because it's strange to lose. We're holding ground and we keep on swinging our own thing.

The events in past weeks brought a proud feeling down at the editorial office: HipHop is getting stronger. It took about 20 years but we grew and we are still growing. In the charts HipHop is doing good and the underground is still represent by massive qualities.

"Succes is measured by how many times you stand up", Blade

Our own three independent HipHop labels are still rolling. Artists from day one still dropping dope. Independent HipHopzines Blammo, KosaNostra. And the guest book of ART12 puts a smile on your face when you read the conversations between old cats and the new generation having fun on the Internet.

"Wondering why life is never the way you wish"

Yep it's a good time for HipHop. It's a good day. "What are we gonna do this weekend?" Mickey asked. "Well past weekend we had the fabulous Double Talk. Saw the usual raw talent at Wanted. Coming weekend we have Everlast on Thursday, Jurassic 5 on Friday. Streetparty West in the daytime and Freshmode in the evening. On Saturday". What we gonna do? Work out the interviews still on tape and other work. Enjoy 'Star Wars Phantom Menace' on video while relaxing. Like Ice Cubes song: 'It Was A Good Day'. Will be continued...

"Neukende politie hoor hem 'wie?'/waar is ie?/ik zie hem niet/maar wie waren heel snel bij de rel/voor Tai Hori het jongeren centrum/was een stunt/sneller had het niet gekund", Deventer Zuidoost Posse.

In all our happiness we totally forgot our very old acquaintance: the man. The coming weekend we would have had a break as reporters but he showed up. HipHop is universal. 'Why youngsters in The Netherlands could feel the music out of the Bronx?' Dorien Pels asked me for her exam piece on HipHop. Now she works at Trouw daily newspaper. Waiting on the elevator at block 4 of Frissenstein. I looked at her and while pointing around dropped the rhyme: "broken glass everywhere/junkies pissing on the stairs like they just don't care". Case closed.

"Cominging straight from the underground"

Spec, Street Promotion, Events and Concerts, successfully organized a great party in Amsterdam West. "Het was vredig en rustig". Quicker then it would make sense cops showed up and smashed the party down. "Was een stunt/Sneller had het niet gekund." Smiling in the camera, Klaas Wilting said a crew of Maroccan youths helped the police. And he held the 'Spookrijders' responsible for the riots. Spookrijders were shocked what they witnessed and for what they were held responsible. De Telegraaf the biggest newspaper of The Netherlands was totally on Klaas' dick. 'Don't Believe The Hype'. Police told a beautiful story. And our community took the hits. AT5 showed the videos proving Police acted like animals. Like pigs? While the only Moroccan, Rachid 'Africa' O., Klaas-Wiltings-famous-one-man-posse, indeed helped the police. Afterwards he was beaten and arrested by the same police. "Ja dat mag zomaar/want ze zijn het gezag/ga je tegen hun in/dan vlieg je zo een dag in de cel." Three days later released after charged and found guilty of attacking the agent he just saved. On advice he stopped telling the truth and went with the flow. It was his word against that of three cops. He would also get convicted for perjury. Now he's out, he's collecting many witnesses to defend his name and fight for justice. Africa: "Never will I help the police again." National daily newspapers run the real story. The smile of Mr. Wilting took a walk. Sticking to his story, saying he doesn't see no reason to check his story. "Als je het goed beschouwt heeft de politie vrijspel/wat er ook gebeurt/het is hun woord tegen jouw woord"

Jimi Hendrix said it: "With the power of soul everything is possible." Chuck D/Public Enemy showed it: "HipHop is the black CNN." Pockets/D.A.M.N.: "Revenge of Africa". One, two, three...

The police stopped smiling. Even showed irritations. Sorry the media ain't on your dick any more. Spookrijders, Spec, Africa and the many youngsters fought hard against the lies of the police. And the community will keep on fighting, as the struggle will go on. "Op glad ijs hadden ze zich begeven/het duurde even/maar toen moesten ze beven." In behalf of the police, Klaas Wilting thought and acted like the man could get away with it. Police did not recognize who they hit. It was us, it was HipHop. We do turn our other cheek, like King teached us. But we only have two cheeks. There is no third cheek. We hit back, Like Malcolm X told us. "Even goed zaten we niet voor die Roots verlegen." After seeing the television images do you understand what is going on? Spookrijders were shocked and a bit confused by all the events.

There are a lot of policemen who do come correct, honest and with respect. But for those, like Klaas Wilting, who messes it up for righteous men and women in uniform we state it loud: "This is ART12 HipHop Magazine. Fuck the police! We are coming straight out of the Southeast." Look at the 'Public Hearings Bijlmer Ramp'. You understand why we are not able to thrust the man on top.

If we refuse to loose, well then we must start winning.

"Hey aren't you..."

AQ, Answers Questioned.

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