Spookrijders pop the question, but let a change slide by to hit the pop

"Wat zou je doen met 10.000.0000?

In a country (The Netherlands) where making HipHop records is not simular with making any interesting money, this song is on point. What would we do if we would have some money to spent? Well, they give a lot of suggestions. We have also two, sponsor us and the other one: make a video clip to promote the song. Cause their ain't no Dutch DJ who shows love and plays any dope from our own artists. Why is that?

Their first three singles all got a video clip. But not this one, DJAX Records did not made a budget for it. The first one was: Zwaai Je Handen (Wave Your Hands) and the third carried the name Ik Ben De Man (I Am The Man). Their second single: Klokkenluiders Van Amsterdam (Those Who Ring The Alarm In Amsterdam) made a lot of noise. After becoming the pinball in a big riot with the police, they hit the nail on it's head. The song's video features some live camrecorder recordings of Dutch police going out of line. The new single got funny lyrics spit in good flows by Stefan Kuil and Clyde Lowell over a phat beat by Cliften Jazz Nille. The sound is a typical Spookrijders sound. Want to check it? Go to the shop and check the classic debut album De Echte Shit and the album Klokkenluiders Van Amsterdam. Not feeling to go to the shop? Check their site: www.spookrijders.nl. But to see the music? No tele to check. Yo have to wait till they will perform on a stage near you.

Sound drawings

Portrait a sound, the 10.000.000 single would be great to visualize with a video clip, it would even have mass appeal for the masses without crossing over. Although the HipHop scene is an underdog, there are still 8.000.000 stories in the naked city. So enough peeps that can identify themselves with the song if it was shown to them. One of Clyde's lyrics keeps on popping up in my head as soon as I'm looking at my alarm clock when it wakes me up every morning: "Ik zou mijn wekker het raam uitgooien. (I would smash my alarm clock out of the window)."

Gotta date?

The single features a bonus track: Waar Wil Je Afspreken? (Where do you want to meet?). They speak about all those who want to step in the arena. 'Ik ben het ventje en het mannetje' Stefan: "Bij mij thuis voor de buis/ met wat hapjes op schoot/ een flesje Cola of een Kopstoot?" It's a battle theme also addressing the Osdorp Posse, who made a song Ventje Concurrentje on their new album Kernramp (www.osdorp-posse.nl). Waar Wil Je Afspreken is a nice track as an answer. I'm always into some battles because it pushes the camps who are involved, to the edge of core HipHop creativity. Maybe it's interesting to have a second round, though. Because there is no K.O. in this one. The Spookrijders only win on points. But on the other hand, it would be wise to squash it before it will damage any of the competitors. Sadly the amount of good HipHop bands from our soil (who do release records) is to small to be able to afford a good rumble. This battle between the two massive bands will probable do more harm than any good.

Well hey, shit happens and the Spookrijders gave their reaction on the O.P. song. Although the Posse proved to be able to make massive battle and diss songs like the incredible Braakwater (on the compilation album De Posse 2 which also contains the Spookrijders debut Tegen De Stroom In), I have to say this time Spookrijders kicked politely O.P.'s ass. One less point to point out is the guest rapper Drama, who we already knew from other featurings on Spookrijders songs, he's rapping with some less powerful lyrics, e.g.: "Liever dat jullie me vrezen dan van me houden/Want iedereen die nu weet: op vrees kan je langer bouwen" (Rather you hate me then you love me/cause you can build longer on fear). Guess he missed the clue in life or skipped history class. All together you will likely to prefer to be bothered with the question what you want to do with 10.000 grand.



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