7 Moonz: Still Be/ The Vow

From the office I received a single cd of 7 Moonz an US- underground group of 2 members. MC Preach from South Carolina and producer DJ Manny from Philly. Living miles from each other seems to be a difficult way to make music as a group. But they do and with quality too. DJ Manny produces the beats and send them to Preach. Beats are to composed with Common Sense and the Roots. 7Moonz/ Like Mics Productions Presents Still Be/ The Vow

7 Moonz

The Single starts with Still Be with a really tight beat and lyrics which are contemplative and thoughtful Like:"If death's tomorrow, how I be/Will my people missing me? / Existence changes to a memory" Preach has a mature voice and drops intelligent and serious phraseology this combination you should think this man has much knowledge of life for sure when you know he's only 18 years old. The storytelling side of Preach gets some attention at the The Vow and give you what is be promised. A laid-back production that forces you to pay much attention to the lyrics.

To illustrate on The Vow: "She told that she started using after I didn't call." And "It was something / for the day I came with my engagement ring / the love of my life was a dope fiend."

7 Moonz

There is censored radio version of the track on it. I'm tellin you! is a track that spins your brain cells, yeah this track is the best lyrical one. The beat is a little less. My Siblinz is a dope track, lyrics flowing over a beat laced with a nice guitar loop. Undertitle Brother, Sister where the words of Preach speak to. "It's nice to come on the battling tip/this time when I spit/I wanna be above just talking shit" and peep the chorus: "brother brother/why you be the way that you be, why do u hate me? / just rove were same skin don't mean that we kin / sister sister / why you be pushing your tities, spreading your thighs? / I got the all seeing eye looking in your soul / why do you lie?".

Conclusion of this review, a nice underground assembly of two young, much promising artists, DJ Manny and MC Preach of the 7 Moonz. Using dope lines and metaphors flowin over the right chosen beats.


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