It's been out already for a month and change, but how can I not review this latest piece of work by Edzon, oh no, it's not his latest, in the meanwhile he did sumthin' for Stüssy or wasn't I supposed to say this?


The B-Boy Connection mixtape episode #6 is so far the illest in the series. Edzon is growin' mature with mixing skills and record choice. Which you can already hear in the intro of the A side. Yo, I 'm not gonna analyze the whole tape, but I gotta give y'all some scoops though.

After a fresh intro, consisting out of something funny only us Dutchies can understand and a surprisingly tight mix of beats and samples, Edzon shows some knowledge and more good taste by putting some different types of old school East Coast shit to the test against King T's 'I'm Cool'..., Edzon never puts a list of tracks he used in the tape cover, so it's always a surprise what he's gonna throw at you.

First thing that's remarkable about this tape is the way the records are mixed into each other...compared to the former episodes this time they're done REALLY well. Always tight, sometimes gradually, sometimes with some scratchin', sometimes just like that, but then the record choice was fenominal. Like with this song featuring Rudeboy Remmington and Ultra Magnetic that King Rleased put on their album Royal Jelly. For those who still don't know: Rudeboy was already a famous Amsterdam MC before the Urban Dance Squad era. Another MC featured from the Triple X is Brainpower with a track he recently released: 'Door Merg En Brain'.


Besides more dope tracks like André Hazes' 'Hoogste Tijd' (check out the mix with James Brown), Thomas Rusiak's 'Suckers', The #1 Chief Rocker and You're Fakin' The Funk by Main Source, Edzon brings an original recording as well: The 6 MC's, included Edzon himself and friends Gee, Dre, Parra, Suez and Jeroen, all very skilled, mad original and very female friendly.

If you know Edzon's tapes, you know he will also put in some Soul, but not too much.. This time too. Just to name two of the few: The original version of Miss Fat Booty, Mary J Blige's: 'Spring Memories' and Five Stair Steps': Ooh Child...lovely.

Of course here and there Ed uses funny bits out of cartoons, TV shows etc. but this time he used them less, though more in balance with the records... With some of them you think where the hell did he find this shit? Like with the intro or this really dope last track on the tape, about Amsterdam, written by Rick D from the 7th Foul Nation (who won the last weekend, watch out for these guys…) and Genessee. Every real Amsterdam (even if your not from the XXX) B-Boy or B-Girl will admit this track is the biggest tribute to the Capitol of Chillness ever! This track made me rewind my walkman two rides long on the subway from Bijlmer to West until I was ready again to listen to the rest. They should bring that shit out on record, man, play it on the radio or whatever. In the meanwhile we all are desperately waiting for Edzon's BBC tape #7...



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