Getting a magazine including a promo sticker reading: Steal This Magazine! Yep, liked it right away.

After a lot of drama, I was remembered how easily you get from a kind of comfortable situation your in, into a sudden situation in which you have to fight to keep your freedom, integrity and keep yourself from going insane. I took some time out, first priority: resting. Took the book Seize The Time by Bobby Seale and finally read it. Put things in order, made some essential decisions and took my seat, behind my desk. Now on my desk lays a new magazine, for some weeks right now, with a new editorial base in London. The magazine, with CD, is totally dedicated to the struggle. The CDs contains work from such as Mos Def, Les Nubians, Dead Prez, The Coup, Bahamadia and many more. It's an underground magazine that voices the sounds of freedom fighters in the States and features reports from around the world. No glossy printing and without information that has the purpose to enslave you for consumption. Instead, stories and articles that will force you to think and decide for yourself.

Now I'm in doubt, what should I do? Write a review about it? Tell you what my opinion is about what they're writing and how they do it? To be judging it? Well I think it's a great underground magazine, which sadly does not read as pleasant as XXL e.g. (When is the next issue coming by the way?). One thing that I learned from Seize The Time (The Story Of Black Panthers Party and Huey P. Newton) is how important it is to get the original facts and story out in the open. The original story, in other words the truth, is best told by the people who are living the story. In the struggle to freedom and justice the best thing you can give is support but above all freedom to let their sounds and voices be heard.

For all you heads: It's time to stop children, what's that sound? Everybody look what is going down.

Word to BLU:

"I'm writing of BLU magazine, a New York based magazine, new in the UK. (You know that Isle on our left, ed.) With total grassroots credibility and activist flair, BLU bills itself as "the survival guide to culture, politics and spirituality." What that means is clear from any given issue, where you can find in the same pages an interview with R&B star Tony Toni Tone's Dwayne Wiggins on police brutality; an article about women's spirituality from controversial Black Liberation Army exile Assata Shakur; and a hilarious exposé of the politics of the Latin pop explosion that brought us Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez. Also inside BLU's design-heavy pages, which are almost free of advertising, is a feature on Seminole "Black Indians", an interview with New York's cult Puerto Rican punk group Ricanstruction, and a collage of texts from Malcolm X and… St Paul, as in apostle."

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