Brain's 3rd release, or 2nd official solo release came out to enrich the line of dutch 12" releases. (De Achtervolging was a soundtrack V.O.O.D.O., a theatre play by Amsterdam's Made In The Shade). His first 12", The Lyricist, was in English, Door Merg En Brain obviously isn't. It's a two- track release: the A side's the one with the title of the record, the B side's called Ballade Voor De Ongelovige. Both sides have a instrumental and an acapella version. The vinyl came out on Pias Recordings/ Lyrics Recordings/ Breinstein.

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First I gotta say about this track Door Merg En Brain: it's got a pumpin' beat. The beat is really fresh. With a nicely chosen break from By All Means Nessesary album from Boogie Down Productions. Brainpower flows with his lyrics his style. Lyrically quite perfect, when it comes to the contents this time it's all about the ego. Brain got backed up by Too Tall on the mic, the beats are on Knowhow's account, TLM does the scratches. This track's supposed to be a track on the expected Brainpower album. It's kinda funky to hear Too Tall say this is Brain's LP when it's a 12" but all this has to do with the LP thing. The recordings of the album have been finished, so now we're all waiting for the release...

Ballade Voor De Ongelovige on the B side is more relaxed beat-wise, but lyrically more interesting. Brainpower holds a mirror in front of the faces of the people/MC's who think they know the Rap game but don't know shit.

"Niemand zegt muzikaal dat moet je wel of niet doen, de mensen hebben altijd commentaar op wat ze zelluf niet doen, argumenten zus en zo, dit dat, het telt niet, je denkt je bent het helemaal maar je weet de helft niet... observeer de microphone en zie hoe'k hem rip, iedereen heeft een mening bijna niemand begrip, het is de realiteit, je praat je maatjes maar na en met je dromen platina en doet Amerika na..."

We all know Brainpower for his sharp freestyles on stage. With this series of vinyl releases and the LP to come, we see a whole new side of BP's diversity.


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