Chef Salad & The Crew Tones

Live @ The 700 Club.

All the way from the other side of that extra large jacuzi, called the Atlantic Ocean, we received an underground CD from Seattle. Chef Salad & The Crew Tones that serve you a nice dish of soulful jazzy funk (or vice versa). It's a CD to play, relax and enjoin. It will not keep you sleepless you have more change that you will fall in deep concentration in dreamland while enjoining the vibes. It's kinda relaxing.

"On June 10th, 1999 at Seattle's 700 Club the winds of fate and Funky Joint Entertainment formed Chef Salad & The Tones for an exciting, one night only performance… This recording captures the best moments from the special evening."

On the lead vocals Abstract Rude (D-Sharp), Michael Shrieve drumming over bass lines by Lonnie Marshall all getting through the opened doors with Reggie Watts on the keys, led by Dread Eye as percussionist. DJ Insult 2 Injury makes everything go round on with his wheels of steel.

Although it's a CD from the other side of the planet, the logo on the CD looks familiar. It's almost the same as the Dynamo Open Air logo. For the peeps that want to know more, on you can download more music by them.


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