Gem Quarter
Nieuws voor Doven en Slechthorenden

Gem Quarter is an old well known in the Dutch HipHop scene (ad. Nederhop). The crew from Heerhugowaard, a little city in Holland, contains 3 members: MC Sandman, MC Yspriem (Ice-pick) and DJ BKR. You can have heard them earlier on De Posse III an IV. Gem Quarters debut album is called Nieuws
voor Doven en Slechthorenden
(trans. News for deaf people and people with hearing problems) and is recorded in the studio of DJ PWB, the DJ of White Wolf.

Their styles are comparible, a raw MC, lyrics about insane punks, like Liefde Van Een Psychopaat (trans. psycho love) and raw beats. Nieuws voor Doven en Slechthorenden is different! That is what I thought the first time I listened to the album. Beginning with a code-red alert sound intro to represent the artists, after that a head-banging beat with sort of shark-hunting sound, yeah ya just listen it. The lyrics are deep- thought and ruff. Not ruff enough then pump the volume. Neem Er Maar Vrede Mee is about things in life you would see remember and do differently.

Kopstoot contains dope beats and lyrics about violence in clubs and on the street and the consequences. Rijmtrein is about the flowing train, Ieder Zijn Trein (trans. Everyone His Own Train, commercial slogan from the Dutch Railway Company NS ). Dope lyrics blast by MC Sandman with his raw voice, I like his style (check Onderhonden). Maak De Baan Vrij is a faster track on the album, nice flowing rhymes, funny samples and the song: voor de zaaal, ben ik een tof vandaal, geen warm onthaal, van een nachtegaal.

K… K… Knetter is all about can’t talk normally, stammering, stuttering and they only can rap, do what you can do best. Strakke Straffe Rijms is flowing on the beat, with how do you call it, nonsense. De Wanvertoning is a real hardcore Nederhop about luck and bad-luck, bragging, attitudes, and be real (like Cypress Hill). The society is a easy subject to diss, and this subject you can often find in Dutch HipHop Nederhop. When you press forward you come to the dopest track on the album, Wat Ging Het Mis about a relaxed, good life with education, a girl on your side, but he wants more then their is going something wrong, hug problems! Lyrics accompanie by a dope tight beat. Met 't Hart Op De Tong is a sort of party song. Puts the roof on fire, with hardcore lyrics and a fast beat. MCs become changed tight. Non Vrbalica is a DJ solo with nice scratch work by DJ BKR, Ah yeah! De Liefde Van een Psychopaat is a scary story about a man who likes a woman, but she is with his friend, the psycho kills that man and that scares about her.

Verliefde gevoelens, als de eerste keer,
maar je zag me niet staan, oe dat deed zeer!
Je kent me nog steeds niet maar vannacht ben je van mij,
ik voel je lichaam als ik met mín kussen vrij
In het winkelcentrum spreek ik je aan,
dan voel je mijn kracht en gaan we daar vandaan
want vannacht beheers ik mij niet meer
je hebt het zelf gewilt in dat rokje van leer
ik weet wel hoe je bent
ik kijk door je heen
ik wil je helpen, man!
Je krijgt mij alleen
en wees niet bang, kind, ik doe je geen pijn,
als ik ze in bedwang heb, kunnen we samen zijn
Ik ruik je geur, als je ligt in mijn armen,
ook al geef je geen kick, mijn lichaam zal je verwarmen
Liefde, liefde, liefde, liefde van een psychopaat!

De Fonky Filosoof is about use your brains then you have the power you need. It is a straight lyric that flows like the Loire. The last track, Reanimatie on the debut album of the Gem Quarter is a very dope one, about competitive Ellebogenwerk in the dutch HipHop and rap scene,

MCs wanna be original and be the man, play rough and that is a negative thing for the hardcore Nederhop scene. Gem Quarter also on De Posse III and IV by DJAX Gem Quarter - Nieuws voor Doven en Slechthorenden by DJAX.

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