Moris: De Kracht Van Vriendelijkheid

Nijmegen. The in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, located Stuurboord-Bakboord Records released their third album: 'De Kracht Van Vriendelijkheid (The Power Of Kindness)'. It's the debut mini album of Moris. Who made an interesting and attractive masterpiece showing what more is.

Moris showing what more is.

Steeds weer beniewd

Back in the '80 this b-boy started to mess around with Graffiti and Rap. It took till 1997 to start a formation with King Omen under the name 'Kogelvrij'. A name made out of vogelvrij = outlawed and kogel = bullet. On the compilation album F6, he debuted with the songs 'Stop', 'Driftig' and 'Windmolen Wiel 6'. On the new album you can check a jungle/breakbeat remix of the song 'Stop'.

On this album, our beloved Terilekste from Venray drops by in the song 'Visite' (Visitors). With his fine soft flow and good lyrics, he empowers Morris on a massive beat. Terilekste: "Steeds weer benieuwd wat er in het volgende couplet is". With that one lyric he covers what I'm thinking while listening to this album. Putting Nijmegen on the map, Vreemdelingen Legioen (Roddels and Fataal) and Ketama drop by on the track Nijmegen. Illustrated by the interlude 'In de verte ligt Nijmegen (Overthere is Nijmegen). Walkman on, traveling by train riding slowly over the bridge into…


Mijn creatieve communicatie dat klinkt als herrie

Moris delivers with this so-called 'mini-album' a maximum creative musical piece of work. The beats that make my head nod are made in a clever and original way. The lyrics are also clever made and make you enjoy it in the first place and on the second they are food for though. Moris: "Jong leren is oud gedaan maar voortaan gooi ik de ballen in de lucht met een diepe zucht". Moris delivered with this album something that is often lacking these days: all together it's an interesting and beautiful sound collage.

Later this year Vreemdelingen Legioen will drop their debut album on Stuurboord-Bakboord Records. Moris' record is the third release of the label. It has the catalog number: SBBB04. The first two releases are 'Alle Hens Aan Dek' (SBBB02) and 'F6' (SBBB03). Now here I have a pop quiz for you. What was SBBB01?


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