N: Climax Orgasmo

N(-obody) Climax Orgasmo
Scratches by DJ Syah (S.o.S), Essay, and N
Beatbox by Romeo
Featuring: Blatta, Duslon, Fillipo and Bee

This time a solo project from N(-obody), known from N & Blatta (check the Who That?). The head, who didn't give a name to himself, lives in the east of the Netherlands and wants to sound original and experimental. Well, he does for sure. I compared him with Dr. Octagon at the first time I listened to the tape, but you can't compare, it's totally different. The beats are out of line, even the rhymes don't fit into a shape but are that shapely, yes the production is very good.

The artwork of the cover is made by Blatta and depicts the negative facts of the modern society, like murder, nuclear energy, drugs, child porn, raping and government violence.

On the A-side he starts the tape with the ambiguous title of this production Climax Orgasmo, nice scratches and funny lines "Weekend millionaires spend their money fast". "Clean, what does that mean?", a good question, answered by N on Clean Up Man. "Voice of a Rebel(part 4)" is a difficult track to listen to. The lyrics are that complicated and his spoken word is in such a recast that you can't figure it out, just listen to him by yourself. Then it rolls into "Layback and Enjoy", a slow offbeat track with a sample of the Alcoholics. "Dubious Integrity" is about euhm? Mail us when you got the clue. The beats are creative but difficult to follow.

Side B contains a dope track, called "Epidemic" simplistic combinations of in and out with a dope beat. "Sounds of Color" is a sort of interlude. Nice scratches too on "Busy Making Progress", a fast track on the tape, featuring Duslon (of Sources Of Specialment, also member of the NEC). A real bumping party track is "Community Confuser". I like this track! The beats are all that, then it changes over in "Sounds of Revolution". Includes flowing rhymes and a slower-but-also-banging beat. I had N on the phone for a few minutes and he told me they don't perform that much because the audience doesn't like there ish, but these two tracks can make a crowd goes bam! The last track on the tape is a special bonus called "Best Considered Past", backing up by Bee to create a sound like NEC does sounds in regular.

N tries to see beauty in evil and evil in beauty. He says: "If there is evil Down below, we all gonna go", being evil: "The ability to harm other people or harm yourself can be described as a talent, so we are all talented." He wants to let people listen to his surrealistic lines, lines about minuscule subjects and think about it. Nobody is perfect.

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