De Gekste N.U.A.:
Een Demon-struktie

De Gekste N.U.A. dropped their new album on DJAX Records 'Een Demon-struktie' (100% Hollands) and the single from the album Geen Bitches Meer (No More Bitches). Das de Rijmmaniak, Quick and Extreme from Amsterdam are the craziest. At least their name states The Craziest Negro's From Amsterdam. N.U.A.= Negers Uit Amsterdam. They are busy for years, what is illustrated by use of old radio and TV samples with their name. You hear even Kim from the TV program On Track sampled. That show stopped years ago. The music reminds you when pioneers built up a scene based on HipHop in the native language (That means HipHop in Dutch). For some stupid reason it was not common sense to rap in the language you use on the streets, back in the days.

They had already signed with DJAX Records back in 1998 and featured on De Posse Deel 4 compilation album. The reactions and the feedback on the tapes and CDs they released independently, were very positive. The tracks marked on the album cover as Ouwe Shit (Old Shit) does sound promising and make you see what Miss DJAX sees in them: a potential crew to make a good album.

But as stated the album reminds you of the old days. Although Das asks "Wie zegt dat ik niet kan rappen? (Who is saying that I can't rap?)" he does show that he and his pals can rap. But what the album is lacking is some fat beats and interesting lyrics. The rhymes are made with simple rhyme schedules. Notable is the lyric of Das on the Godfather inspired song 'Familie Klik (Family Click)': "Ben ik de nieuwe God vader. (I'm the new God Father)" If he does refer to Godfather, it should be in Dutch Peetvader or is he saying that he's the new father of God? Don't think so.

The single Geen Bitches Meer (No More Bitches) has a cover illustrated with a picture taken from a house in the Red Light District. But without prostitutes, the only peeps left are male window shoppers. The song is about disloyal, materialistic and lying woman. The game of sex-for-sale is very clear to see through, ain't it? You want sex? They give it as long you pay. No money? No play, that simple. Ain't no bitchy thing about that, is there? What to say about the album? They guys did take a long time to drop the anticipated album. When it finally hit the streets it was kind of disappointing.



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