Osdorp Posse: Kernramp

Def P: "Ik heb het al gezegd (I already said it)"

The OP did release their new album, Kernramp, some time ago. It's the first real OP product since they did start their Ramp Records, their own independent label. Kernramp is a double CD, one is a bonus CD, Harde Kernramp featuring a compilation of artists on Ramp Records, that you get at the concert or when you order one of the products they sell at their mailorder. OP not commercial? Well at least they know how to do bussiness the smart way.

Believe it or not, I have heard for the first time a single by OP on 3FM and even saw it on The Box and TMF. Origineel Amsterdams (Original Amsterdams). The concept is based on the same idea as Big L's L-Bonics. A funny sounding track with humorous lyrics.


At the beginning of the 16 tracks, +51 min. during album, starts with an instrumental intro Rammen en Beuken. The beats, like all over the album, are very professional and complicated like we are used to hear from the OP. A fast track, with Brazilian drums is Bloed Zien (See Blood), about the killings of the mankind as an attraction. Onraad is a pleonasm to explain injustice and non- advice. What takes my attention since the last albums of the OP is that they used simplistic subjects, like the society and their problems to blame on, too easy. DJ Daan "de Deegmeester" gives a blast from the OP past in lesser then 2 minutes on Monsterfelijk.

Fat beats of the beatcreator Seda on Kernramp a promotion track for Ramp Records. The slogan of Ramp "When it says Ramp, its always dope!", the words of Def P. Two tracks on the album feature Blind Justice, a Dutch hardcore Metal band, as usual on almost every album the two bands do some songs together. One of the tracks is Chemoderniseerd, a metal song with genuine lyrics about the progressing in the development of science and technique and the consequences. The Osdorp Posse and Blind Justice preformed on the popular RLT 5 TV Talkshow Barend en Van Dorp. Def P was the guest and dissed the Minister of Traffic and Water- works Ms. Netelenbos, cause she don't mind the noise of the Airport Schiphol. Well she doesn't live under the flight routes of those big birds.

A creative track with original lyrics written by the godfather of the Nederhop, Def P, is "De Wet Van T.O.K.I.O." (The Law of T.O.K.I.O."). T.O.K.I.O. means Talent, Originaliteit (Originality), Kwaliteit (Quality), Integriteit (Intigrety), Onafhankelijkheid (Independence), the essential points of their fundament for every mission of the OP. "Burger-lijk" is about the common civil-life, where they cut everybody over the same comb.

bijna iedereen wil zijn wat die worden wil,
maar mijn wil is dat ik wil worden wat ik zijn wil
want we kunnen beter achterlopen op de feiten
dan dat we allemaal voorlopen op de fouten.

(Almost everybody wants to be who he wants to become/ I want to become what I want to be/ because we better be running after the facts/ than being ahead of the errors)

The last track is to skip, Bestrijd Het Drugsbeleid! featuring Blind Justice. Disappointed ending. The cover is a masterpiece of skillful art. A thing what you can trust him for, doing to make something arty, for sure. This time it also looks very good.

The double- album is smart marketed professional piece of art, and the first Dutch HipHops double album. I'll have a closer look on the bonus CD. You could rate this album as Masterpiece. Definitely if you keep in mind his punch line "Ik heb het al gezegd, ik heb het al gezegd (I already have said it)". On every front the improved their selves. Including the flow of Def P that really did grow. A lesser point are the most of the subjects and contense of the songs, once more, he already said it before.

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