Pier & DJ Sandman:Echte Boter

Some real butter for your toast by Pier & Sandman. From the eastside, Hengelo, comes this duo who just have released their debut E.P.. The piece of vinyl includes four songs with some a capela and instrumental versions. So they ain't got no excuse no more to use a Dat or MD when performing live, their beats are on vinyl. Can't say if they did it in the past, never saw them perform. But now you can expect that they will drop HipHop in the fundamental original fat way: two turntables and a microphone.

When you put the needle to the groove the first thing you have to do is to put the treble up and the bass a bit down. The mastering of the tracks were not done that good. But after that, you let it spin and get some underground sounds in your ears. The deepest track, Pa Pier, is about some papa drama. Pier talks about his pa, divorcing his mother and not taking care of the children. A subject many people can relate to. Some people are feeling very sorry for you when you say your parents are divorced. But what can I say, I don't know any other way then parents are divorced. Those who's parents are still together, you are the exception on the rule. It ain't no fun but it's like it is. The song is good, only remembering the not so happy days does not make you happy.

The next one does, though. The track Zet Je Naald… (Put Your Needle…) jumps out. This track is recorded live and amazingly captures the power of the moment when it was recorded. It makes the E.P. real nice. Back in the old days, you could find more of these types of songs. A fragment of a session or small jam recorded live in the studio when the artists were just chilling to relax or something. It's what I would like to hear more on records. More live recordings.and fragments.

Check out the E.P. at Fat Beats and Soul Food. For more info and bookings e-mail: or call: 06-20794484.


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