Robotic Human

DJ Smooth Cee of North East Connection (NEC) comes with his own mix tape. We know Smooth Cee from Phat Poodle and more NEC Productions. The tape sounds like a real NEC Productions, the beats are specially chosen, some beats are blasting, some really do not! There is live performing on it with DJ 4th Element showing nice breaking, scratching and dope beats which are not so complicated, but sounding funny. There are some old-school samples used, and I thought some soundtracks, but I can't place them. Its fun to hear something from a head around my neighborhood (just like Grolsch) and yeah he has skills working on the wheels. He has such a unique sound, like the hole Connection does, as our other reviewer Olde D. described: "Alternative HipHop".

Ah, the cover design,...sorry piece of paper. Not very interesting, on the front a robot with parts of a human body. At the back a description of the DJ elements, turntable, wax, hands, brains (?) and a huge crowd, when do they perform and will they perform? (I can't read the notes he wrote). DJ Smooth Cee will come soon with his new album called "Technology Art", also on vinyl.

Smooth Cee info at the North East Connection website.


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