Travis Blaque: The Bachelors

The Bachelors is the second single released on Altered Vibes label of Travis Blaques on 7th of August 2000. It has a nice swing-your-booty-in-the-summertime groove. Sadly this year the native London rockers and the peeps from The Netherlands have one frustrated question in common: "Which summer?!".

Travis Blaque

Run Down

The production has been taken care of by Ollie Teeba (Herbaliser). This time Travis brought some friends MCs: Mac and Future. With punchy lyrics they run down the count from bachelors and their every way down to earth dealings with the ladies.

On the b-side you can find remixes by RJD2 who adds stunning depth and extra funk with thick brass overlays and guitar that retrain the tracks original essence and inject lift for the friendly feel.

These guys…

At the editorial office we were pleased with this new 12". Memories popped up putting a smile on our faces. A year ago DTF and I did an interview with Travis, Nick-the-record-label and T's girlfriend. First time we did in an interview where we couldn't follow anymore what was said, halfway the interview. Getting too drunk. Do not go with the flow, with English and drinking, if you don't want to loose track.

Travis and Nick-the-record-label.

With these guys you can have a laugh, where artists from across the ocean still have a big culture gap to cross with you, the peeps on the other end of the Channel Tunnel have more in common with you than you might think. Blaque adopts a slant on HipHop that refuses the scenes all-to-often outlandish and counterfeit face preferring to grounds it's feet firmly in day to day relevance of common experiences.

More to HipHop

As Travis writes, he writes for everyone. Trying to found a common ground, pooling experiences and discovering new ways to connect. "There's more to HipHop than gangster rap and bitches. That faces of the movement can crush new talent by demanding attention through controversy. It's time HipHop swapped back from falsehood to the neighborhood and returned the conscious experience. You can't relate to 'an all about the money' gangster image." But you can relate to Travis.

His record label, Altered Vibes from London, U.K., teamed up with Battersa Park Music from the U.S. putting their heads, money and power together to promote their releases.

For more information check out their web sites. And of course when ART12 gets back in London we're going to check out Travis and Nick. Travis Blaque makes what traveling is, fun meeting people and fun coming back.


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