U-Gene & Oh-Jay With Friends

DJ Oh-Jay, DTF, Miss Mo, Are MC and U-Gene

The best-kept secret in The Netherlands, are these artists that go under different names but all have one thing in common. They're all from that tiny mini metropolitan Uden (Southeast Netherlands). Better said the Big U. They took the stage when they dropped Mind Over Matter as Dope Posse back in 1991, as DTF's From A Smooth Point Of View. And later as the Family Jewels. On the last album, you already could hear the results of U-Gene and DJ Oh-Jay hooking up together. For those who were able to lay hands on it, the independent release on tape by DJ Oh-Jay, That Demo, know they own an underground classic.

U-Gene, North Sea Jazz Festival 1999. Photo by AQ

In 1999 they released their nameless 'debut' EP as U-Gene & Oh-Jay With Friends. U-Gene, DJ Oh-Jay, Miss Mo, Are MC and our own ART12's DTF. As the built up a massive rep for their live performances they continue to give that good shit. With their band UJ they deliver every time a massive energetic show. If you ain't moving your hips, you ain't got no soul in your bones. This year you also will have the change to pump their new album in your system.

It's the only Dutch HipHop/Soul/Funk band that will perform on the North Sea Jazz Festival. Just like the past three years. And the became second on the GPNL (Grote Prijs Van Nederland last year. That's good, becoming second. What? Well those who do win and are rewarded as the best new a It's nice that the meeting of the jury was recorded on video. There where two reasons why UJ should not win: (a) There where already 12 record companies who wanted to sign them. (b) the jury had the opinion UJ had too much of a Stevie Wonder sound. So, that was less original. How about that? With all due respect, the winner was more original? Juries in Amsterdam keep me surprising.

Miss Mo, North Sea Jazz 1999. Photo by: AQ

Go see them if you can! And for all those who say: "You're so enthusiast only because it are your friends!" Well, bitch please. I feel blessed to have the friends that I have. And I'm thankful to may witness the gifts God gave them. Recognize for your own sake, they making too good music to let it pass by.



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