Break it down: there's so much HipHop coming this way from the US, that it's hard to make a good selection of the stuff you wanna hear. There's a lot of people who think it's easy to let someone else decide for them what they will hear and see. Other people, like myself like to dig deeper for good hiphop music, to me good HipHop music is the type of music which expresses a feeling so realistic that you become part of the situation.

One reason why I don't want to write reviews is that I don't think other people should be influenced by whether the reviewer likes a record or not, which is happening too much right now, cause how many people still buy a record which got less than 3 mics in The Source? I choose The Source, because this used to be decent magazine but has evidently been influenced by the companies advertising in their magazine. Watch the decrease of No Limit advertisements, while their mic-ratings drop at the same time...

The other reason I don't like to do reviews is for the simple reason that there is too much stuff that already gets reviews from other media-outlets. But this record right here is independently released by 730 Michell (John Peele and Shawn Watson aka Shawn Deadah) and their manager Elicia Felix, so this might be the very first time some of y'all read about this group from the Bronx, NY. And there's too much mediocre stuff coming out nowadays, so the fact I'm reviewing it may say something about how I feel about this record already.

I choose not to make this thing I put down right here a review, neither will it be a bio...if you got suggestions how to call it let me know... With the CD came a short history of the group, which is basically the same as the intro on their CD. It's nice to hear an album on which the intro introduces the artist, their vision and what they stand for. It already sets the tone for the CD on which they easily make clear what they are trying to do in this world we call HipHop, they are putting down a journal on what they've experienced in their lives, not by idealizing violence, sexism or anything else you already heard too much in today's hiphop but putting it down Nasty-Nas style, straight-up realism. Don't talk about what you're going to do, tell people what you've accomplished and how you did it, so they can learn from it.

They tell us what they seen in the game and how they feel about, no restrictions. Over hot beats they show their story telling skills and kick truth on their track The Summer Of The Crack Rock, which brings you the facts about the damage done did by this government released disease, to me one of the highlights on the album. On every track the rhymes get backed up by fitting beats. With every track you get the feeling if these two men are walking the street with a mic, giving a report on what they walk into.

Elsewhere they express their pride of what they are (Bigger Than You), without sounding braggadocio. 730 Michell combines the realness of a Mobb Deep and mends in together with the idealism of a Brand Nubian, without sounding too much like others. But it's never about comparing groups, it's about being a personality, which means being trough to yourself, which they are showing on this album. On the last cut they exchange thoughts about life, and how much they appreciate it, using ill metaphors throughout the song, which makes it only more worth listening to, adding another gem to the list.

I think this group deserves recognition because from what I've heard, they've got quite some potential, and this CD is only the first thing I've heard from them. It's only ten cuts long, but it hasn't got filler on it, look at 99% of today's products and it has at least 2 fillers on it. Guess that's this is one of the many benefits of Independent released material. I got a lot of records but this one has been definitely stuck in my CD player for the last few weeks. I guess it's a demo, but with the proper presentation and, not necessarily, a couple of added tracks it god do well as an album.

I guess it might be nice to check for more info about the group at or mail at

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