Okay, I came at the office, AQ put a record in my hands and told me to review it. I didn't understand he still wanted me to review records since I had Outkast's Stankonia at my crib since early november last year and recently gave it back to him so he could do the way late review instead…

Anyway, here I was with a bright orange recordcover in my hands. I immediately recognized the logo on the front: that MUST be Eindhoven! I remember somebody at the Back To Planet Rock jam last September gave me a sticker with the same head-with-headphones logo. It's designed by the infamous SPACE 3 studio from Eindhoven. If you've seen their logo like poster graffiti, you won't forget nomore. (Their website is a "must see" www.space3.nl check die shit).

Talking about checkin'shit. I put the needle to the groove and at the intro I LOOKED at AQ and he was grinning: like yeah he heard it already and THIS JOINT IS MODDERFAT! Word is born, Einhoven kicks ass again. All you can do with this record, especially with the first track Goodyear is turn up the volume and the bass. The start is spacy but suddenly brutally a dope bass kicks in. The track is short but MC Rescue doesn't need more time to convince you to keep on listening. He paid hiss bills already as one of the three M=emcees of Select Personnel,a project by DJ Mass in 1999, relaseased two solo 12"s (CMC label) and did his thing on the DutchMasters LP(1995).

The ones creating the beats here are Kid Sundance and The Programming Man. Boomoperators operate since the year 2000. The music is a lot of Bass HipHop with layers of great samples. You can hear the beat creators operate in sound making for regular media in daily life. The results are for HipHop rare complex samples and a overall sound that is massive, thick and heavy. We tried to compare and came up with names like Black Moon, EPMD, Artifacts, but then we shook our heads: it's BOOMoperators.


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