Chaotic Forces - Dark And Dusty

Yo, how can you make a decent review about something you ever heard about or seen before? Easily, get together everything you wanna know. Listen to the music more then ones, read the biography, and search for more interesting info.

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But what to do, if you haven't any. Yes, you can listen to the tracks but that's not the mean sense from writing a review. No, heads wanna have some info, some new interesting facts. They want to be acquainted with the artists and artists wanna be recognized by citizens after reading this matter. The big clue of this is that we didn't receive any information about Chaotic Forces, maybe it is their name?

Dark And Dusty, a five tracks album, with two instrumental versions on it. Synthesized beats with repeating
exasperating short loops. So skip the instrumentals. Dark And Dusty its more futuristic and clean to me. Like AQ once quoted DTF: "…getting paid in the next millennium…", you can sit and wait for the next millennium, and we are started yet. And yes, this Chaotic thing should be dark and dirty then OK, the beats are not all that even wack, checking the MC's they are taking over the show when they spitting out the rhymes. Clear articulated but by mixing it up with extra echo you must flow with their stream of lyrics to listen carefully. Nice to hear how the side rapper is filling out his part (ah, 1 point!). Hopefully they can push the listener in the right direction they want to show you, cause with those three tracks you can't make an image of what they mean or want to explain. Maybe you can't see the trees in the wood because of the chaotic setup, or the listener is obliged to search further.

Disordered place


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