'Finally!’, some of you may think. But it's here, a fresh mix for all the real undaground HipHop fans. Up 2 Part VI and from this moment shit must hit the streetz every-f#cking-where! With the help of y'all shit must grow to an ultimate level. (PLATINUM BABY) I need some fancy-ass jewelry.

1 more thing: How do you see HipHop these days? Do we need more of those half ass albums with radio/girl/motha ect. ect. friendly songs? (don't forget those with a singing chorus straight from the BALLS!) Or more wack-ass parties with (suppose2B) HipHop deejayz (spinnin those wack-ass av8 and HipHop?/R&B ??)
Itz up 2 U!'

In DJ Code Red's own words: It is finally here. A dope mix cd with fresh tracks from various artists. Including tracks from Royce the 5'9", Rasco, MOP, Sticky Fingaz, Big Noyd, Afu-Ra, Eminem and many others. 010 certainly gets sensational with these tracks. Expressing Code Red's viewpoint on the commercial HipHop of nowadays, and showing his disapprovement of turning HipHop soft.

The tracks are nicely blent together using the one thing they all have in common, they share and express Code Red's vision on today's HipHop music and culture. 'How do you see HipHop these days?' he asks in his contribution on the back of the case. How he sees it becomes clear after reading the back, and listening to the introduction and the other tracks. He wants to keep HipHop real, underground and raw. He doesn't want fake parties with fake peepz, tryin to be real while they're being everything but HipHop.

The introduction starts with a fresh cut: 'How many real HipHoppers in the place right now?', which sets the tone of the cd straight away. This is followed by lyrics like: 'Going out to the hardcore hiphop, rap is something you do, hiphop is something you live' and 'HipHop? The real HipHop!' . Then Code Red himself grabs the mic and talks about that this ain't the stuff that you'll hear on the radio, this is the real hiphop. And if you don't like it, and you don't wanna hear it? Then turn of the radio. He repeats what other so-called HipHop radio stations had to way: 'Hiphop is te hard, het past niet bij ons station. Oma's klagen erover: ik hoor fuck en shit op de radio, meneer!' (HipHop is too hard, it doesn't fit in with our station. Grandma's complain: I am hearing fuck and shit on the radio, sir!)

After Code Red said his say, Primo comes up and gives te listener a piece of his mind. His words summarize the cd perfectly, combining his veiwpoint with Code Red's vision on HipHop, and with the vision shared by many underground HipHoppers:
'I'm sick of this shit, y'all motherfuckers really don't know what this HipHop shit is about. So while y'all keep on fakin the funk, we gon keep on walkin the darkness with our torches, underground'll live forever baby! We just like roaches; never dying, forever living.'

Code Red puts down some nice scratches and cuts thru the tracks, making them a little his, and using them to express his vision. A great choice of tracks makes the mix cd a dope cd to play anytime of the day. For the real hiphoppers there is a message, and the real heads'll understand exactly what he means.

How to go on?? It's up to you!

'Reality is not what you see, hear or feel. It's what you make of it'


DJ Code Red: 06-54975087

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