Caught the demotape of Frankie aka Frank Nitty. Named after Nitto, original name FRANCESCO RAFFELE NITTO, byname THE ENFORCER, American gangster in Chicago who was Al Capone's chief enforcer and inherited Capone's criminal empire when Capone went to prison in 1931.

Franklin comes with 12 tracks on a short tape, featuring Gumshoe, AlfoBetIC, Sawndra and Brass. From the south he's representing Holland to the fullest. He works with DJ S-Dub and Rachi. But he is one mans band, independents day.

'Episode.. hate' is a down layback track with a nice storytelling flow, produced by I.N.T.. Phase One Minute contains a dope bassline for a to-short-minute track, even like the other one, Jussaguy. His pronunciation is sometimes not that understandable, even when its that slow. On 'Marbles', what's totally chilly, you hear the fine voice of Sawndra. On 'Ain't Fillin' It' he's explaining why people don't feel his music, people with that jiggy shit and acting like players. Hmm, a girl is like a bassline,.. anyhow you can talk over it. The Beat Is She.. the story continues. Their are 2 mixed tracks of 'Angles' on it, produced by Brotherick and Miguel-B who are well matched together. The right layback beat with both a totally another sound.

Ssst.. is more a kinda jamsession over a dope beat also produced by Brotherick for Aficionados Audiotorium. What can I say more, its a tape to chill, negative is that you must turn it on over and over every 15 minutes. He have skills for real, and its a demo tape, but I considered it as an album. Maybe I have placed the stick to high.
The artwork is all that. Fresh and clear with a nice drawings and pics, even a barcode (with his GSM number on it?). Done by himself.



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