Replied an email of Basic that we were interested in there new project Eastbound, and within 3 days we received the promo- cd of Legal Offence at the office. What that fast, not impossible in HipHop nowadays. Active with one and a hundred things, my
computer screen gets a yellow note to remember to review this cd…. For practical reasons ART12 is also wrapping paper yellow. To be in harmony with all those still-things-to-do-notes on your computer.

Time flies they say, and sometimes I think that 23 hours and 59 seconds are to less for a day. Heard the cd more than ones in that time, and now comes the moment to review it, cause I can't see my wallpaper with all those notes! Eastbound is Legal Offence's first album on cd. They have made some tapes with album time before, also a tip to check them out, Basic comes even with a solo project named "The EP" this summer on vinyl only. The tape "Mindfields" was received very well by the dutch press, and is even awarded by the music magazine Fret as "demo of the month". They came from Hengelo, a city in the east of Holland, near Enschede. A city where HipHop lives since day one, even more than E'de. Ok, they have a good background, but what do they do today? Producing a nine tracks album with beats by DJ Carmage and emcees Decoy, Sixar and Basic doin there thing. Faith is kick-off song, to explain why they are still in the spotlights after many years and why many crews don't, they used a nice smooth sample. 'HipHop never add one cent to my rent.' Traces contains a head nodding beat, from boogie down production?, very fat with those dope lyrics. Let's blast that joint. More things of DJ Carmage you can hear on his mixtape "Worldwide Total Carnage" featured on the European "IMC Underground Tape #5" on the German IMC label with the track "Rap Specialistz".

All tracks are different by style and beats, but still got the image of Legal Offence, a fact that proves you do you thing seriously. One of the most bangin track on the album is "The Posse"… we never separate… where Basic, Decoy and Sixar explains how the crew is that close together. Carmage shows his dj- and scratching skills, a new underground hit! A more funkier track is "Who this?", listen to the lyrics…
Who can battle them on Slapboxing an short (2:34min.) but powerful track?!

A nice album with different influences and styles they got, a gain for ya dutch collection, or must I say European… who gives a fuck. The artwork of the cover is in full-colour and the layout is good. A little-less info about themselves, but yo that's why we on the Net. Check also "Personal Revolutions" where Basic and DJ Carmage are featured under the name Sleepwalkers, orders to Loot. Order Legal Offence - Eastbound at Concrete Echoes, it's a must have.


CLS- Cleared my Screen..

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