"You can't stop the unstoppable/expect the unexpected
We can change the future/but the past remains protected
And referred to/as written in stone/hold your own
Fuck the status quo/Eye know
it's all evolution…"

Ay yo, this is the Master Surreal… with Evolution, the cultivated assault continues… a 22 tracks containing album with an assortment of dopeness. Master Surreal, government name Daniël S. Munro, was born in a little town called Ede - Holland 24 years ago. He is an emcee and producer of his own label Phantom Pro, and crew ish. The last 6 years he worked on the albums of Riddlaz, a production for dance theater Pandance, his debut solo album "The Resurrection," Avalanche, Spacekees and Terilekst crew Brainstorm, Bregtje Bos and more acquaintance and non -acquaintance.

He draws inspiration from 20th century literary, artistic movement of surrealism, and the expression of life. Thinks further where another one stops. 22 tracks of the Masta aka The Survivalist, Modular Nine, Mr. Amorphous the Sandman,starting with a short one 'Alpha'. DJ Boba Fatt in the back looks after the beats and the scratches, done with the finest precision. 'Face To Face' is a nice lyrical one:

Ay yo
your crew is a bunch of Cuckoos that fell out of the nest
not impressed by how you're dressed
and much less, by tracks you blessed

I guess it's just another case of dog eats dog
Why you all on my bone
acting' grown like Boss Hogg
Y'all wanna go abroad
but you ain't crossing borders
I'll give you fourteen minutes
to get past the Latin quarters
Don't really speak Spanish
but that's a thought provoke”

I make pieces like Tone Toca
while you trying' to live da Vida Loca
fuck beef
you bring corn like vegetarians
suckin' dick barbarian
need to check your veterinarian
to treat your Varicellia
oh, you didn't know
You must be gassed like Krypton
going against the Phantom Pro

Very understandable and articulated well, with nice hooks and using pieces of words that you have heard before. Even a sample of a growling creature of a 3d labyrinth pc entertainment game, called Unreal, it went completely unnoticed. 'The Facts' is about the term 'HipHop' what is an all-embracing definition of it, and what it does mean to Surreal himself and his type of creating music. Sick of all these cool cats, trying hard to rhyme, it is a fucking crime wasting studio time…

A bit of complexity
I am bringin to the table
My shit may sound simple
but that is cause they ain't able
To comprehend the message
that is written between the lines
They are morons like Bumblebee
I am Optimus Prime

A most classical song on the album is 'The Truth.' A nice sample with an acoustic guitar and a piano mixed up with synthesized sounds and a good deep bass when your open your volume tap and put the equalizer high. Lyrically strong with nice hooks metaphors and facts, like this hook:

We will never get to see the same truth and reality
it lies besides the fountain of youth
impossible to obtain
the truth is in a bloodstain
the rain of deceit
causing floods on all terrain.

The album contains 2 remixes probably made by DJ Boba Fatt and Surreal himself. The job is done very smooth, with a combination of ability and good equipment. 'Touched' is about foster an unrequited love. Served on a silver plate are the silky lyrics as a joint of roast veal, flambÈed by the finest wine, with a sauce based on wiped cream, damn, good to be true! 'Omega' is a laidback track with deep thoughts. Listen to yourself, a suggestion or order? 'Middlefinger Music' goes out to all those plastic emcees these days, contains a funky loop using a bassguitar, very finessed. He gave it the discrete name Demo, and that for a 22 tracks counting album. From Alpha till Omega a must. The Trilogy continues…

Master Surreal: http://www.phantompro.nl/mastersurreal/mastersurreal.html
Phantom Pro:
Email: mastersurreal@hotmail.com
On Rapstation: http://www.rapstation.com/artists/artist.php3?artist_id=1569
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