At the beginning of a new millennium, young people have grown tired of an industry long dominated by redundant instrumental and empty words of glamour and guns. This new generation of free and universal thinkers are expressing more and more their need for variety and individuality. Melodramatic meets that need with their self-titled debut album Melodramatic. Their first single Melo Deez, captures the spirit of the album by blending original styles and production forms that offer an alternative to the mainstream monotony.

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Melodramatic consists of two members: Los and Rosko, both 23 years old. Their chemistry derives from their rich and diverse musical upbringing. Los grew up on classical music, playing violin. Rosko was raised listening to roots reggae while a jazz percussionist in award winning ensembles. The two met on school in Silver Spring, MD (a suburb of Washington D.C.), USA, where they discovered a common ground in their love for HipHop. They began writing rhymes and making beats, spending their next 8 years in Los' basement, smoked-out and creating music that would later become the foundation of Melodramatic.

In 1997 Los and Rosko made the decision to intensly focus their energies on the music they shared for years. The result was a 1998 underground EP entitled Sapphire Visions. The tone was introverted and poetic. They began selling cassettes hand to hand, touring locally with a 4 piece band that replicated the digital instrumentals of the EP. Despite their successes they still were not having mass scale effects they hungered for.

They took what they had learned from their experiences back to to the lab to brew a formula that was undeniable. There they began their search for a distinct and new sound, piecing sample of obscure records and adding live instruments to the mix. This led to the birth of the self-composed, self-produced album Melodramatic, completely recorded and mixed in Melodramatic's basement studio. Los decribes their sound as fusion from a HipHop perspective. Rosko says: "This album is put together more delicately." This is displayed in their microscopic detail, synchronizing music and rhymes to a tee. The album and group both contain a common concept of experiencing all that is present, be it negative or positive, black or white, melo- or dramatic.


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