"Straight HipHop, but ya never known"

They translate their music style as a random-dot stereogram poster. They, N and DJ Syah, better know as Indepth creating from a different level. They combining two different emotions in a practical - experimental way. Last year they came out with an album in collabo with the Living Legends members Nebulus and Bizarro from Oakland, USA.

The album Europe 2000 Starters Pack has been recorded when Nebulus and Bizarro toured Europe that year. The production and the beats are on the bill of Indepth and the vocals are done by the Moonrocks. A different combination with a different product smashed on the table.

Confusing between beats and rhymes. Damn, what do they mean? Music without borders, without a name without needing a passport but buying ticket to fly high without a destination. But when you arrived you have a lots of nothing…
One track kept me in mind, that one with: 'looking out / looking out of the world / looking out my valley button window', flowin rhymes, a packing chorus line and good shaped beat combinations. 'Cast The Spell' is more innovative. Mixin and manipulated voices used in this track gives the listener a sudden ambiance.

Klats! All Across The Board is dope one at last, and to notice the single one that is produced by Indepth themselves. Europe 2000 Starters Pack is distributed by a small label called Hectic Records from Zutphen,The Netherlands, also the base of Nobody. It's Hectics 4th album under one's wing and the first HipHop related one.

Read an article in a local newspaper by Han Neyenhuis, with as undertitle: "Hiphop without concessions," but hee, HipHop is all about concessionless expression (check the Ourplace homesite). It's good to see a local underground artist in a paper like this, but reveal how the facts are.


Indepth/Moonrocks info www.ourplace.nl
Living Legends www.llcrew.com
Hectic Records hectic_records@hotmail.com

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