Amsterdam-Rotterdam, 2001- February 14th. The release of the second album of Anonymous, Rollarocka and DJ G-Boah: Postmen’s Revival. Postmen back in your face, kicking in doors, exploring routes, drawing maps, making fall-backs but keep on pushing forward and rising. The discussions of those not educated still continues: “Is Postmen HipHop or Reggea?” To get the answers on many questions, it takes a long way to get there and many documents to study.

Bombs over…

They had more than their fair share of doses of politics and bullshit. Changed their label, V2 and Top Notch, into Warner Music Benelux, these brothers are finally here with their new album: Revival. The writtings are on the wall… well that is the marketing company bombed the concrete walls in Amsterdam Southeast with the promotional posters. As we had our fair share too, of politics and bullshit, we did not wait till the time we would be favored by recieving a promotional copy. If you want to have something, go out and get it yourself. Run to the shops, buy the latest news: papers saying Bush Bombs Bagdad and the sound waves, carrying Revival. Bush spreads negativity ,the spiritual armed Postmen fight it with positivity.
For the record, they grew definitely in production, lyrics and music. The whole album is covered in an artfull booklet. Sadly without the song’s lyrics printed in it. The pressure to top the quality of a very successful debut album was on. The album has less hit potential songs, still there are a few that could top the charts. The album is more mature than the debut Documents wich was released by V2 and Top Notch. Thought the album is a bit short, 49 minutes. On the other hand, lesser chance to be an overkill.


Postmen have ambitions outside these very small countries called The Netherlands. V2 rather let their cast get away than to try and to conquer. Warner Music Benelux (BElgium, NEtherlands and LUXembourg) has a bit more muscle and is able to work a bit harder on their product. But did not say to do so. What is going to happen? The single If U… had much hit potential. But the label V2 cut the video budget too short, making it with old live footages. Luckly I saw the video flashing by, sadly I kept on waiting to see it again. The single was only out for one day, “Aah, that’s why I only saw it once”. As Anonymous Mis doesn’t want to come out with half decent done job as any other artists, they decided to leave to Warner Music Benelux.

Victim was released

The song Victim was released as the new single. Once more it did not become a hit while it is a very good song. Radio 3FM, the so-called young one (and using the Rolling Stones song, Jumping Jack Flash in their advertisements), did not feel Postmen’s music. And TMF barely played their video. As many doors finally opened for them, those doors closed too. In the lyrics they often reflected themselves as being an army that has to fight a strategic battle, it’s maybe also the time to cross the boarders of business and the industry. To discover and use the internet to go world wide, minor detail is that it would be more sense to get an .com instead of a .nl.

The Netherlands are too small minded, as the industry and those who are able to, do not have the gutts and the spirit to push our own talents. Something that ain’t new if we look at those artists who fled The Netherlands working and industry culture before.

Revival took a long time to get on the streets, as it proves to be a case of survival. Negativity got them on the barrel armed with politics and bullshit. They will rise as their messages are positive and they’re armed with massive music.

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