Seda - Rampbreakz Vol. 1 “Aha…, and Deadly Maniacs’s INT., once more sampled with “From the underground where the beats come from.” taken from the Magic Sounds Vol. 1 album. Cope that one, it’s a classic album. Seda brings his Volume 1 of RampBreaks in a medieval European illustrated and orientated style. The whole quote about INT.’s sample illustrates the whole feeling about the album.

The art-work is done by: Juice, Frank (Applmooz) Moos and Marcel Bakkeras.

The typical Seda kind of beats jump out of the speakers. Even the variety of breaks are illustrative for the record collection in which Seda diggs. Body Count, Ice T’s Home Invasion, BDP’s By All Means Necessary, Sister Souljah, Just-Ice and UltraMagnetic M.C.’s are all there. Even the ultimate underground classic: Hijack. He’s funking your head up. Definitely if you start to see through the sound collages with how many different music styles he painted his pictures.

Making up my mind if I like it or not I have to say it’s rhythm sections are not refreshing. But the harmony and compositions in which they are placed, Seda did some attractive work. It’s a decent album. While studying his work I wouldn’t be surprised if he would come up with something totally massive the next time if he took more time and even more gutts to challenge himself. But in second thought…

As I first played it on the small kitchen radio while doing the diches it didn’t sound as massive as once I started to play it on my soundsytem. And remembered how to play Seda’s music, Seda is always hitting hard, so play it loud!

Tripple X is how I rate” is a phat track including Def P rhyming in English. And totally blown away by the massive good mixing. Damn!


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