The Straight Up Raw EP

The Docklands gave birth to another beauty: The Staight Up Raw EP from U.N.I.Q. It’s a three track EP plus it got the instrumental version of the title track. As soon as you put Straight Up Raw on, your head starts pounding. A clarinet loop, a piano loop, a heavy bass and the rest of the beat flow into eachother. The raps got a definate streetsound, raw, "the total definition of a Dock’s outlaw".

The second track ‘I Wrote' is a story about U.N.I.Q.’s cousin who gets in trouble deeper and deeper… This track ’s got a nice beat as well. The beat’s got some kind of industrial stonecold sound to it that fits to the contains of the lyrics. For the peepz that like listening to lyrics, the clue of the story is missing ‘cuz in the second verse the lyrics aren’t understandably pronounced… But for the rest the A side kicks ass.

The B side starts with a track called 'Robbery', again a nice beat and skilled raps. Maybe a little irrational to rap about bankrobbery and blowing up a safe whan that’s hardly possible in this country. Bankrobbery is probably not as heroic as U.N.I.Q and his boys wanna make it look like. Still the track at itself is not too bad.
The instrumental speaks for itself… fresh.

Mickey One

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