Nest is the brand new project of PITA, known as the beatcreator of ABN. Together with MHD he recorded Grenzlooz (No Borders). Nest uses a lot of original samples from different and original backgrounds such as Moroccan music. And the lyrics are often proceeding with a critical undertone.

The album is introduced by the single ‘Dans Met Mijn (Mic Greep)’ meaning ‘Dance With Me (Mic Take)’ featuring the famous Belgium pop-artist Raymond van Groenewoud. The album 'Grenzenlooz' lets you notice clearly that it not only contains a mix of music, but also the considerations of a few young heads grown up in more then one culture. Nest confronts you in a refreshing way with the consequences of Europe's North-South-Relation.

The intro starts with 'In De Naam Van HipHop+Intro’ (I Laugh At You In The Name Of HipHop)’, to correct some Nederhop wack asses. The voice of this Belgian rapper has such an obscure accent, it's a point to get used to. Like Guru said: "Mostly the voice, that gets you up." But he gets up.

The subjects that NEST talks about are mostly about his view on life. A Moroccan in Belgium who wants to be integrated in the western culture, he adapted in the society, but in ‘We Leven In 2 Werelden (We Live In 2 Worlds)’ he says that he feels at home in Belgium, but its all cheating "To much integrated?" A difficult point of discussion. Listen to the track and give your opinion in the guest book.

A ‘typical’ Belgium subject is raised on the track ‘Kinderspel (Child Play)', it talks about that it ain’t no child play. A nice track on the album ‘Grenzlooz’ is 'We Rappen (We’re Rapping)'. Flowing lyrics with a good grip on a good beat. Who is interested in the society of Belgium must listen to ‘Twijfels (Doubts)’ with the hook "Ik heb mijn twijfels over België (I have my doubts about Belgium)". On the track 'Thuis Is Waar Mijn NEST Staat (Home Is Where I Sleep)' is representing II Zwaard, check for more information his review.

Nest- Dans Met Mij also available on CD single


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