This Is What You Want pt. 2!

Well, sex sells. When René CMC Phillips and Brian Busby came to the conclusion that they need to put a girl on the cover to get more sales, they did the whole nine. The model Clementine Ferraz, photographed by Wilberto van den Boogaard is all over in the booklet. O.K. the girlie is used for one reason only: to get more attention to boost more sales. See 'm see the album and taking it home. But they could have put a little bit more fantasy and work in it. Right now it's only some nice ass without any extra communication. For your soul relation’s product kinda soulless and boring.

What it's not

So you look at the picture for a sec and then you continue to check out the info in the booklet. A little overkill follows: once more The Proov with 'What I'm Not'. You keep on running into that song from those two MC’s these days.

This Life

Postmen represents with the track 'This Life' from their album 'Documents'released on Top Notch/V2. They debuted on the first CMC/Soul Relation compilation with ‘Docks Documents’, later also released on red vinyl as their debut single. It became a chapter on it’s own in our ART12 history. The reviewer reviewed it and I published it, by doing that I spoiled all my credits. Since that moment on, not on purpose, I’m very talented to step on their toes while being a big fan. I probably do it again right now, my excuse in advance. What did happen? Well the reviewer wrote this about the track: "This piece of colored vinyl surprise you with a remarkable, almost funny beat. The lyrics that Postmen sling have a swift flow but are the 'once more' summarizing of how violent and criminal the rappers are. Qua content not very interesting. The perfect chosen rhyme words and schedules still challenge your ears to listen good." We rated it as: "Phat! So play it". To say it in a modest way, they were not pleased with the review and the rating. From our perspective I still have to say about the Anonymous Miss and Lars what they are putting down with Social Life and with their music: I love it, they're doing a great job and much respect! Though I probably keep on clashing in this life, maybe in a next life-time.

Two Outta Millions

A phat track, 'MC's Nowadays', while the discussion keeps on going what's what and what's not, Laquatal points out his point of view on the many rappers now a days claiming to be MC's. "MC's now a days where is your fucking guts?/you use a lot of big words but you ain't saying much." These two, Laquatal and DJ Mass, appeal with straight up HipHop. If you can, check out their classic 'For You And Yours' EP released in September '95.

Outstand Through Time

It's the hardcore version of 'I Wonder Why'. The third single released in March '99. As a surprise you can read that there was another single: 'The Loot' released in November ‘99. This single was released as a promotion copy only on request of Radio 3. They wanted to support E-Life and wanted something new. All this in the perspective on the, then, coming Noorderslag Festival. Where the E-Grand performed the song. It was in the day rotation but without a video clip for TMF, The Box or MTV. That's why the masses did not notice it and I have to say it, ashamed though, I did not notice it either. But since when do you listen to the radio to check out fresh and new, especially black, music?

Make It Happen

The track from M.O.D. a.k.a. The Black Marvel from Zoetermeer/The Hague. Finally I have a copy at ART12. Somehow I never received a promo copy from his management. And when I requested an interview, it could not be done because his manager promised an exclusive interview to another Dutch magazine. Which magazine, do not know. But that magazine never published the interview. The track produced by the Brand Nubians and Grand Puba's own DJ Alamo. Meanwhile M.O.D. he seems keep on making it happen, so get ready.

To the Rescue

Rescue keeps on doubting if you’re ready over a fat track, 'I Doubt You're Ready', by DJ Mass. The track was first released on Select Personnel. DJ Mass massive on the cuts. No need to say more.

Road Dogs

Amo Lab's Shy Rock a.k.a. Rollarocka drops his skills rhyming about his homies. For the ones who only know him as the singer from Postmen, it's a must to check the song. For all those who knew him only as an MC, this was the first time you could hear him singing. With DJ Precise as producer and on the cuts. This track was released independent by them as an 12".

No Tears For Fears

From DJAX CMC/Soul Relation licensed the song that was taken from Phat Pockets album 'The Hustle Goes On' released in 1997. DJ Oh Jay produced the track. For all those who don't know, Phat Pockets released under the name L-Rock together wit DJ Bass as D.A.M.N. the first Dutch HipHop album: D.A.M.N., Don't Accept Mass Notion. Released back in 1989 on Provogue. Must check their classic 'Live Positive' released in 1991 also on Provogue. The whole album ‘The Hustle Goes On’ was also recorded with Dutch lyrics. Sadly never released as such. Phat and Jay were not feeling it. If they had released it, it would have out done Spookrijders and Osdorp Posse. Hopefully the tracks will not get lost and will be published to proof that I’m right.


Committee Gunmen starts you up with a wicked refreshing track 'Startime'. E-Life starts with a fresh flow followed by all the other members of the Committee. The track licensed from Top Notch and V2. Nothing more to say, it's a great track.


Kinda boring track is '010' with Alee, produced by E-Life including E on the chorus line. "You ask "Why?And wonder/which strong power is keeping you under" and like Colombus they keep on plundering.

The Proov

Once more they are represented, with the track 'Time Shortage'. Check out their E.P. ‘Traditions’. Their album coming soon. But why do they say: "Ain't no half stepper like Murth" while Murth The Man-O-Script features as a guest rapper on their E.P.? Seems like I misunderstood the lyric, if you know, please tell.

Select Personnel

Laquatal, Skate The Great and Rescue flowing with tight lyrics over a Mass beat that, sadly, I still do not like and feel it. But hey, I saw and heard that the 12" was doing well in London and the national market.


Not as Amo Lab but as Rollarocka & Precise they drop ‘Heatwave '96’. A massive track. Licensed from BlueFunk/Dureco. Which also released the single 'No Stress' (remix) featuring Mel. The single also contains the slamming track 'Pop Blows The Nine'. It was the first release of the label CMC/Soul Relation. So check it if you never heard it.

Raw Rappin

It's Ten, ex-Nicotine, the remix version featuring E-Komba. "I don't like to take a hike/I rather put my finger in a dyke/allright?". E-Komba is the only female on this whole album. Although she state that she's the wrong bitch to fuck with she starts with a kinda weak lyric: "Lyrical killer…".

U-N.I.Q. ends the album with his track Rabies taken from his album 'Married With Music'. Released by Epic and Wow-Pow Records. Check the interview with U-N.I.Q. and the review of his E.P.

Although the album is made out of a selection you should already have on vinyl it' s a good album giving you an overview of releases from Dutch artists. And of course you can play all the songs without changing black pieces of vinyl over and over. Speak your mind and write what you think about the album in the ART12 guest book.


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