They are back yeeaaaah! How do you like that? ABN bring their new album Seriewoordenaar (Serialworderers). The Belgium crew contains now the members Quinte, MC LVS, Popol, and DJ Money Pi. They had their debut in 1997 with the album ABNormaal. Maybe you heard them on KINK FM, a Dutch underground radio station, with Algemeen Beskaafd Nederlanz featuring Def P of Osdorp Posse.

Their new album is the bomb. Nice beats with a cascade of lyrics you have to listen to, you can also check the lyrics at the booklet, cause the lyrics are included! Because PITA left the crew, I was very interested in this album. (you can check Pita's beats at the album of II Zwaard en Nest on DJAX Records). Too bad PITA left but Serious and Van Buyten have done their job well.

Quinte, the quality MC, from Belgium drops his lyrics like: "Laat je zweven in mijn kosmos, net als een astronaut En geef je herseninhoud dan groot onderhoud. Ontdek zo je fabrieksfout en stuur je terug naar den Ikea Deze tekst is kankerverwekkend, al gebruikt gij liters Nivea Zonnecreme, ik ben je regen na zonneschijn".
((ALO, WA! ))

There are 16 tracks on the album, including one ghost track are, all totally different. Subjects like graffiti, love, and style discussed. One track you must hear called Bloed, Zweet en Treinen (Blood, Sweat and Trainz). A very nice heavy beat and dope rhymes, about bombing. 'Teveel MC's (Too Many MC's)' with a sung chorus lines by Ya Kid K probably a very nice lady with much sing- ability.

The old track 'Vet En Fonky' of the similar-named CD-single, now with the old-school sample of "The A- Team", every one watched this TV-serie while he was eating his fried chicken with potatoes. When I was that age, I had recorded that intro with My First Sony. Casto and Def P are featured at 'Liposuctie' (Liposuction) with beats of Secretaris. A real Nederhop track, with that raw style of Casto the Communicator and the well-known flowing rhymes of the Godfather of Nederhop, accompanied with a banging beat, with heavy church- organs sounds. This is the only track on the album that is recorded by RAMP Records. This is your mental liposuction, total destruction with a vocal construction, this is your mental liposuction, ya must just fat sucking, bitch!

Track number 14 on my cd-player is "Check!". A booming beat with funny party lyrics (hear that refrain, 'Jump, Jump!'), brought fast flowing by LVA, Popol and Quinte, they have that Flemish accent and the articulation sometimes gives you trouble following it, if you are not familiar with it, but hey you have the lyrics in the booklet.

The booklet is professional fixed together made by Quinte himself and ECHT! (echt@casema.net) Nice photo's of the crew and graffiti made by D. Verbeeck and Stroobants.

This album is really a piece of professional skillz, but why that ghost track? Mostly its fun to hear or find one, but this track (16) is a punk rock track and doesn't fit in the album, guess that is the reason that it’s a ghost track. Further, the album is really a masterpiece, one you must have on the shelf when you down with Nederhop or HipHop in the Dutch native language from your own top soil and abroad.



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