DNG The Frown King
Gattin Down

The group Coup de Villz made up by Diversity, Slow Go and DNG, is living in the Lake Side (not very clear which area, ed.) of The Hague. Those members are well known to each other from the nineties, and one another has performed in different local HipHop groups. This is the identification of Coup de Villz, diverge skills and experience in the scene compared with positively and laughing lyrics. DNG assisted on The Group (check review) also Syd as known as Mr. Riko, who have some tracks produced for ‘Gattin Down’: When I searched on the Internet for a homepage or some info, I found by DNG only the subjects antique and a organization called ‘Drums No Guns’, DNG The Frown King without a gun or senseless violence (see the editorial strip of the month February).

Side A of the tape of DNG starts with a Lake Side Radio intro, the a local pirate radio or a imaginary station. On The Rise is a track explaining how DNG lives his life, and grew up in this business, get down with it. A good subject to start with huh? I thought so. ‘Showdown’ features lyrical terrorist Slow Go, flowing rhymes on a party beat. ‘It’s Not The Same’ is a serious track like most of them. After a interlude where Showboat gives a Head Contest to all the female listeners of Lake Side Radio (or is that DNG?), comes a slow track called ‘Maxin & Relaxin’, a really relaxing beat produced by Luciano. ‘Work With Me’ featuring Mr. Riko and The Group, dropping rhymes to prove them selves they still D.R.E.

Still Riding’ on side B is a really soft summertime track. One of the dopest tracks on the tape is HipHop Cop with the famous sample of KRS ONESound Of The Police’, beats are banging and produced very professional. ‘The Name’ contains a nice electronic beat and is about the meaning of the name, word. After the outro there is something like a bonus track, called Hush Nigga Hush, a fat bonus but short, like all the tracks on the tape. Maybe good, cause the tracks would be tedious during the time. To conclude, nice underground production with a big party level but being serious. A production with a own style and sound. I'd like to thank DNG, one love!

Mail DNG: DatNiggaGatt@hotmail.com (ah, the meaning of the name!)


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