VOODO Reprise

De Vent Om Of De Opera = V.O.O.D.O.

Good news from Made In Da Shade. There is going to be a reprise tour of one of their best plays. Together with Rapido and Booyaka! Booyaka! This is a play you must have seen. So if you did not see it yet, go see it. You just got a second chance.

The opening night was Oktober 1st in Theater Frascati. It’s a thriller in 3D. Skip the virtual because this is reality. One hitman, a target, a DJ and a murder or wasn’t there? Of course with a lot of music but it ain’t a musical or was it? In the play they use the tool of video on a succesful experimental level. Where it fails in their current play Red Dough it’s really successful in V.O.O.D.O.

The play is like a movie that keeps on running in the mind of a dying patient. Fed by two screaming televisions, she keeps on switching between two stories. One of the stories portrays a hit man on the job. She’s hired to kill her target. She does not know why, does not know who her employer is. Every time she wants to finish the job she gets interrupted. That gives the target the chance to keep herself away from getting killed, at least she tries. Meanwhile the other story she’s involved in, is about a love triangle that breaks up when it appears one of the three is deadly sick.

If you want to have a souvenir you can buy the soundtrack of the play. Music made for and music inspired by V.O.O.D.O. It also features Brainpower’s ‘De Achtervolging’.


Made In Da Shade
Phone: 0031-20-6823523
Fax: 0031-20-6823529
E-mail: shade@xs4all.nl

The touring dates:

1st March
Jeugdcentra Kadans

9th March
Cultureel-Centrum de Stoep

14th March
Cultuur Centrum Hasselt

16th March
C.C. Het Loo

18th March
C.C. de Stadsschouwburg

21st March
De Ruchte

22nd March
’t Voorhuys

25th March
Amsterdam Southeast
De Ganzenhoef

28th March
Den Haag

29th March
Den Haag

25th April
De Werft

26th April
De Werft

Seven Stages
Atlanta, USA.