It was a long shot but finally here it is the debut single of Brainpower released on his own record label Lyric Recordings. Brainpower made a power move with his double A sided 12". It features the songs ‘Lyricist’ and ‘Can’t Miss It’ with guest appearnce of his rhyme mate Rollarocka.

The first song according to the bio:
"Lyricist is a stomping, hard yet melancholic piece that features furious wordplay and a tightly cut chorus. The warm yet dark strings and thick beats will definitely have you play this joint over and over again". And that is also the trouble with reviewing the piece. You have to play it over and over. Luckily the bio stated right, so I go with that statement, but have to say that after a couple of times hearing it you heard it.

On ‘Can’t Miss It’ Rollarocka drops some lyrics. Always good to hear Rolla rolling on a beat with singing. But it’s even better to hear him rocking with raps. While "I ain’t a gasstation but you may call me BP" has a clean sound, Rocka puts a more raw voice to the beat. And what says the bio: "…is more of a bouncy boom-bap type of jam. Its deep bassline and funky flute is the backdrop for the straight-up lyrics of Brainpower and his man, the veteran MC Rollarocka, yet with his distinctive voice he can still wreck mics like Brain and him ‘…used to do back in the crib…" Also produced by DJ Moola. Like the man himself, the bio is once again on point. I just go with that.

The debut release features some live freestyle snips that shows he can also rock live, in case you still didn’t know. It ain’t a master piece but it’ s massive and it’s promising a good and interesting future for himself and his label. Meanwhile I keep on hating to write reviews, make up your own mind. Go buy the damn 12", with Brainpower you’re always on the safe side. No money back guarantee.


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1040 BB, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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