Stuurboord & Bakboord

(Starboard & Port)


F6 is a group with different MC’s from Nijmegen, Holland. Members are Meneer Ruys, Moris, King Omen, Ketama en De Muiter v/d Bounty. It’s recorded by SBBB Records the same label as Ketama’s ‘Alle Hens Aan Dek’. F6 is found by the wordprocessor WP 5.1, Function 6 is Bold. F6 is an album with Dutch underground HipHop. They will distinguish them from the Nederhop scene by making more dope beats like the U.S. style. When you listen to the album, you hear a creepy, raw sphere. Lyrics are fast and flowing but they have no sense to me. The intro starts with an intro you can hear on the album of Terilekst ‘Allemaal Sterren’, yes, when you have connections you can make fast an album or is it just recycling?

On the album of 30 minutes there are a few tracks where I put the volume louder, till I wrote this review. ‘Driftig’ (Tempered) with the dope style of Moris. Rough lyrics, underground. ‘Vooruitgang’ nice beat and lyrics! About the fast modern life in this society, with computers. "Ga maar na wie d’r nog is die in het bezit van een zwart-wit televisie is"Dubbel Dolby’ contains a beat with a nice bass-guitar, very dope. It’s a too short track from the never distributed demo album of Meneer Ruys. ‘F6’ explains F6. A term from the SBBB-crew it’s a track with weird lyrics. ‘WirWarrendeWoorden\voor\TongTintelendeTeksten’ a slow beat with weird flowing lyrics. Sorry I would give some examples but you can’t translate them, just listen it. The track is from the album of Ketama. ‘Spookhuis’ (ghost-house) is a translation about the ghost-house of the underground, original story with a dope beat.

I look foward to listen to Ketama's album ‘Alle Hens Aan Dek’. Further I heard that Moris plans to make an album.


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