Big L - R.I.P.

Six million ways to die.
Choose one...

Big L. 1976-1999

Sunday night February 14th, 1999, Big L a.k.a. Lamont Coleman was killed in Harlem, New York City, U.S.A. This was confirmed by Wendy Day of The Rap Coalition. The reports mention that Big L was shot seven times in the head.

So the competitor from Uptown Manhattan, Harlem, New York is gone. The HipHop Connection stated in 1995: "It seems at last there's competition for New York's four other boroughs." When Big L dropped his debut: 'Lifestylz Ov Da Poor And Dangerous'

"And despite the turbulent start of his career, the future looks bright for this kid from 138th street." Stated HipHop Connection, February 1999. Big L. was a member of the 'Diggin' In The Crates' crew, D.I.T.C. Other crew-members are Showbizz & AG, Lord Finesse, Buckwild, Fat Joe, O.C. and Diamond D. He toured Europe last year with O.C. and performed at the Fat Beats Amsterdam 2nd anniversary party (see AG-interview).

Big L started rapping seriously when he heard Big Daddy Kane in 1990. Before that he was just a fan. Rocking in the Crew 'Three The Hard Way' he left them and went solo because the other two were not serious enough. Hooked up with Lord Finesse after meeting him in a record store. And made some demos together and got signed with Columbia Records. At the age of 19 years he dropped the incredible 'Lifestylz Ov Da Poor And Dangerous'. These sounds from the concrete were hard but never without a laugh like in the tittle track: "I wasn't poor I was 'po' / I couldn't afford the 'or'"

Poor was the job Columbia Records did on the promotion of his album. In the beginning he could work with the Columbia cats. But they left and were replaced with some dudes who didn't grow up with HipHop music. So he left. And just in his twenties began his own company: Flamboyant Records. Distributed by Fat Beats. The first release was the slamming 'Ebonics / Size 'em up'. It is also the last release of Flamboyant Records with Big L in charge.