Going Down, Going Down...

1992 October 4th, an El Al Boeing (Israel Airliner) cargo plane crashes on one of the projects in our neighborhood. 43 people were killed and it is not sure if more people died. Half-hour after the crash El Al makes clear to the flight tower that the plane contained dangerous military poison cargo. They asked to keep it quite. The authorities didn't tell.

Occupants, firemen, policemen, ambulance personnel and voluntaries were helping non-protected at a chemical poison crash site. The most of these men and occupants became very ill. One of the men died of cancer.

The authorities officially declared that they were and are not ill. It was and is all between the ears. Official statement of the Dutch and Israelis government: "Nothing wrong. No chemical or secret cargo."

Now it's 1999, at last there is an official investigation on the highest level, Parlementaire Enquete. On 1999-02-03 it was proven that the authorities knew already within half an hour after the crash that the cargo was a very poisonous military cargo.

We quote Vincent Dekker a journalist of the Trouw newspaper who was the only journalist who noticed something was wrong. He was the only one who investigated the crash like a good journalist should do. He received death threats and the newspaper was accused of fantasizing

The quote is translated from Dutch to English. From his book: "Going Down, Going Down, the true reason behind the Bijlmer (Amsterdam Southeast) Disaster" ISBN902540913.

"Above Amsterdam a plane had serious trouble and the authorities knew this very well. The public told it very clearly to the authorities. A perfect emergency crash landing spot was available: Het IJsselmeer (a very big lake). However, 'The Man' chose to direct a chance-less plane, loaded with chemicals, ammo and fuel, back to the airport. Even worse, trying to let it land on the most dangerous landing strip. To get the right route the plane was directed two times to fly over a big crowded city, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. If this mentality keeps going on in the airline industry, the people who live in the neighborhood every reason to fight against expanding this business. In behave of the industry it is the industry itself who has to jump to the right conclusion. It's is not only a bolt that has to be thrown overboard but a whole mentality. To quote an American saying: If you think safety is expensive, try an accident."

As B-Boys and B-Girls, as illegal artist, as hustlers, as MC's and DJ's, as journalist, as criminal minded cats, as students communications we as ART12 declare that former prime minister of The Netherlands Ruud Lubbers and former minister May-Weggen,(now member of the Euro Parliament) are lying!

We like to give respect to those who became ill and those who were killed. It is proven and became a fact: The government... No, no, no! Can't trust it...