Keith Murray

The Most Beautiful Hits

They got a crew, so you better been told. Keith Murray's album The Most Beautiful Hits did hit the editorial. In the time he hit 'up north' (locked behind bars). On this album a selection of tracks taken from his albums (The Most Beatifullest Thing In This World, Enigma and It's A Beautiful Thing) and the songs he did a couple of bars on like the classic 'I Shot Ya (remix)' where Miss Foxy Brown was introduced and did sound dope. The album starts with the song that introduced him worldwide 'Hostile' taken from Eric Sermons first solo album.

Having a greatest hits album after only three albums? Well as record company you have to do something when your artist is in jail. The album gives a good image of all his work and what he did. I always was interested in Keith. He's a pure lyricist without gimmicks like 'being a big baller', 'gangsta' or what ever. Just lyrics.

But you know me just like yourself: we're kinda broke. So to have an album with a good overview gives you what you want without to pay or steal three albums and all those he features on. Playing the album and you know you don't have to skip a track because it's wack. Great album while you're working. Eric: "Nah, don't like the album and don't like him. Only the 'Most Beautifullest Thing'. Kinda beautiful." Well I like him and the album.


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