Top 10 of 2000

Bassline Radio Sessions
Group Home/Life after this/Real niggas don't die
Bahamadia/Special forces
Brainpower/Door merg en brain / MC vol overgave
DilatedPeoples/Ear drums pop
The Proov/Raison d'etre / Human perfection
Arsonistsft. Anomolies Blacklisted
Spontaneous Reprezen'n remix ft. Xzibit & Saukrates
Reflection Eternal Move somethin' / Down for the count
LoneCatalysts - Politix
Show van 2000: Arsonists 11 maart 2000 in Metropool, Hengelo

DJ Sandman
Oke, hier de vetste jams v/h jaar volgens DJ Sandman in
willekeurige volgorde:
-Juice: sincerely
-Barbershop MC's: music, money & women
-Craig Mack: wooden horse
-Common: 6th sense
-Prodigy: keep it thoro
-Big L: the big picture (intro)
-Cali Agents: neva forget
-J-Live: the best part
-M.O.P.: ante up
-Royce the 5-9: boom

DJ Extraa
Hierbij mijn single lijst van 2000, ze staan in willekeurige volgorde.
M.O.P. - Ante Up
De La Soul - Oooh
Del The unky Homosapien - Phoney Phranchise Rmx
Outkast - Mrs, Jackson
Nate Dogg, Pharoah Monch and Mos Def - Oh No
Freddie Foxx - R.N.S./ The Chancellor
Rasco - Bustin'
Pharoah Monch - The Light / Right Here Rmx
Common - The 6th Sense
Black Eyed Peas - B.E.P. Empire

Album Top 3
Reflection Eternal - Train of thought
Common - Like water for chocolate
M.O.P. - Warriorz
De La soul - AOI - Mosaic Thump

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