And the winner is…

This week's Grand-ART12-Prize goes 2 two beautiful ladies Mahelia and Farida. They win a bag of lollipops. To be collected at the B-Boy Connections Straatvoetbaltoernooi held on 10th and 11th of June. At the Hendrick de Keijserplein, Amsterdam.

At the tournament seven teams will get crushed by the all mighty ART12 football team. The teams brave enough to join the competition are: RusHour, B-Boy Connections, Soul Food, Grand Concourse, Café De Duivel, Blammo, B-Boy AllStars and ofcourse the winner ART12.

Referees: 2Tall and Yukki.
DJ's: KC The Funkaholic, Know How and SP.
Starts: 13.00 Ends: 19.00
Sunday afterparty at the Melkweg starts at 23.00.

Do you want to win the Grand-ART12-Prize the next time? This is what you have to do:
1: Be at a joint where we are.
2: You must have fun.
3: Don't be a waste of film.
4: Must be a being.

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