Who protects us from you?

Mercatorplein (…square. ed), Amsterdam West. Once more the police proved very clear they don't know how to handle the city youth of Amsterdam. A party thrown by Spec in behalf of the Stadsdeelraad Amsterdam West (City officials, ed.) was a great success. A lot of sunshine and youngsters from all over Amsterdam from every cultural ethnic background enjoined the performance of E-Life, Dignity, Spookrijders and many other artists.

A year ago there were riots in these parts of Amsterdam when police and youth with Marocan roots clashed. The party would show the uplifting of the neighborhood and the general spirit. The police lacked to do their job proper from the start on. They didn't keep their promises of earlier made appointments. The police would be represented all day long and interact with the audience. They would take care of orderly audience. The local Police station Mercatorplein at the square would be open till the end of the party, 21.00 hours.

No police was represented after 16.00 hours, two hours after the party had started. The organization saw that a big crowd of more then 1000 people on a city square surrounded with the normal day traffic would be hard to handle. In search of police, to point them to take care of their responsibility no police could be reached. Eventually the organization had to call 112 (national alarm phone number) to get in contact with the police. So they could serve and protect, but still no sign.

A police officer, John Brugge, from Surinameplein Police station a nearby other station, came to the the party to check if the organization had permission. This was at 20.00 hours. The party was thrown in behalf of the city council and papers were in order. Spookrijders thought the party had to end because of the police. Clyde shouted "Fuck the Police", misunderstanding it was supposed to end at 21.00 hours. Like it said on the flyer. But hey, it's an inner youth city jam. And the 'NWA' song 'Fuck The Police' didn't came out of the blue for nothing. Minutes later Murth The Man-O-Script threw a T-Shirt in the audience. A small rumble occurred between friends to get hold of the T-Shirt. The organization and one 'Marocan' teen relaxed it down. After this, officer John Brugge jumped in the crowd and interfered with the T-Shirt. Pulling at the T-Shirt the organization already laid their hands on. The police and national media said a crew of Marocan youngsters protected the police. The crew of Marocan youngsters were in fact one Marocan boy and one man of the organization.

The officer John Brugge felt threatened and asked for back up. "Officer attacked". According to by standers this was "straight up bullshit". "Nobody touched the police officer". Out of the blue the audience was surrounded by the men in blue. As shown on TV the police over reacted in an uncontrolled and overaggressive way. Hitting everyone possible including children and elderly people. Klaas Wilting said the crowd didn't 'move on demand'. Guess the police forgot that the crowd couldn't go nowhere because they were surrounded by the same police.

In 'NRC Handelsblad' Klaas Wilting stated that all the blame was to the organization. Because there was enough police at the party. Everybody who has been at the party knows it's a clear lie. There was no police attending the party. Once more: 'Can't thrust it, no, no, no'. Television images show the difference between the official statement and what really happened on the streets. Klaas Wilting proved he's a straight up liar.

Once more police showed they are not capable to serve and protect the multicultural public of Amsterdam. Also it's a clear fact that national media misrepresent what really went on. Miss educated by the police spokesman. Only AT5, the local television show, informed the public what really went on.

The echo's of one question is becoming once more louder and louder: Mr. Officer, who protects us from you?

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