Spookrijders under attack by 5-O

Amsterdam Police held Spookrijders responsible for the riots the police itself started. Clyde of the Spookrijders quoted NWA's song 'Fuck The Police'. NWA = Nigger's With Attitude. When he thought the police shut down the party. While the party was supposed to end at the given time.

Once more showing they don't know the inner city youth. 'Fuck The Police' is a NWA song stating you should question authorities. Because Police is the man doesn't mean they are always right. It does not mean: "Hey, lets attack the police." Of course it is not a polite way of saying to think and judge for yourself. But the inner city youth doesn't come from polite streets.

Spookrijders already left the stage 15 minutes before the t-shirts incident happened. So how can they be kept responsible for starting the riots? How many times will the police arrest people when they are playing Bob Marley's 'I Shot The Sheriff'? Because people communicate through music and with words the police does not know the meaning of, is no ground to blame somebody else for something you caused. Guess they are going to arrest Michael Jackson when he performs 'They Don't Really Care About Us'.

That points out the problem: Police acted like animals. Even a police dog couldn't tell the difference anymore. The dog bit an officer. Klaas Wilting states that it's a bit the own fault of innocent 'bystanders' that they got hurt. Video images show that teens who were walking away, as told, were attacked by police from up front. They were ordered to move while surrounded. Were did the police think people including children and elderly had to go? Out of the blue people got smashed with sticks from more than one policemen. One video shows a young men who got hit by more then five police officers several times. A bystander with a beer in the hand got attacked twice by the same police crew while walking away.

After seeing the video images on television you can only say: "Policeman who do you think you are?!". If you are not telling the truth you are lying. If the spokesman of the Amsterdam Police states that a crew of Moroccan youth saved two policemen. But in fact it were two young men. One with Moroccan background and one with Surinam background. That proofs he's telling a lie. If you state that there's nothing to blame the police on, you are a very blind fool or someone who is telling a lie. After Sunday no official can be miss informed.

By holding Spookrijders responsible the 'man' is trying to cover it up. But with 'Fuck The Police/I'm Straight From The Underground', in mind you know the 'man' ain't got jack to stand on. How long will it take before some blue will mistake "187..." for a love song? How many times the police will get away blaming the youth? A great party that unified young and elderly people from every cultural background was destroyed by the police. Well, they did not destroy the unity. Arrangements for protest demonstrations are in the pipe line.

What is the police going to do, to come clean? Who is going to protect our youth? Who is going to protect Spookrijders against false statements?
Who is going to protect me and you against the police?

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