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No hassle with credit cards. You will get a real product in your hands in a very simple way. Just ad all the single amounts to make up the total price (they already include shipment, BTW/VAT 19%) and deposit or transfer it to our bank account (Postbank: 7655995). Or just sent it by post to our postaddress, but that will be at your own risk. Ofcourse there is a no money back garantee, to ensure you, you are always getting the shit home.

Ad the amounts of the single product prices and tranfer them to:

VanderHoek Publishing
Attn: Concrete Echoes
Daalwijk 901, Zipcode: 1102 AA
Amsterdam Southeast, The Netherlands
Postbank: 7655995

Do NOT forget to mention WHICH product you want to have sent to WHAT address, cause that information is kind of essential if you want to receive any purchased products.

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